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  • Most benefits administrators are missing the opportunity to address a multi-generational workforce

    The aspirations of a post-pandemic multi-generational workforce continue to evolve, and the proliferation of technology is accelerating—yet benefits administration appears stuck in a legacy paradigm. Employers and benefits administrators are guilty of not sufficiently investing in understanding their employees’ evolving needs and not reimagining how they address their health, wealth, and professional needs beyond traditional solutions. We evaluated the 25 benefits administrators for their ability to address the cost (Horizon 1), experience (Horizon 2), and health outcomes (Horizon 3) for employees globally - the first of a kind study ever conducted for the employee benefits services industry.Read More

  • Are you providing services for the Generative Enterprise? HFS is researching who’s got what it takes

    June 22, 2023 | ,

    HFS is launching the industry’s first competitive analysis of professional services firms and the value they are creating with enterprise clients with the adoption and experimentation of generative AI tech. Read More

  • Cognizant gets savvy with Ravi to resurrect its mojo at the intersection of industry and technology

    In its recent past, Cognizant had achieved what most of the industry still fails at today: Everyone understood the “Why Cognizant”, versus just the “what” and the “how”. What had been the poster child for modern offshore-centric outsourcing for a decade and a half has struggled since activist investor Elliot management squeezed the life out of the firm in 2017. Can new CEO Ravi Kumar reinvigorate the firm’s culture while also setting out a new course for growth in the era of The Generative Enterprise? The bookings momentum in 2023 is indicating the firm is on the right track...Read More

  • Seven Golden Recommendations to Reinvent Ourselves for the Generative Enterprise

    May 29, 2023 |

    HFS’ Generative Enterprise articulates the pursuit of AI technologies based on Large Language Models (LLMs) and ChatGPT to reap huge business benefits to organizations in terms of continuously generating new ideas, redefining how work gets done, and disrupting business models steeped in decades of antiquated process and technology. It's critical to prepare ourselves as AI becomes the interface to the Internet - and to physical business.Read More

  • Supply chain customers embrace agility and resilience — HFS Horizons, Supply Chain Services 2023

    The HFS Horizons report on supply chain services features 18 providers across three Horizons manifesting incremental business value for enterprise clients. Horizon 1 focuses on a linear supply chain driving functional optimization, followed by Horizon 2, which retains the values of Horizon 1 plus drives circular supply chains with end-to-end transformation capabilities, creating unmatched stakeholder experience with a “OneOffice” mindset. At the pinnacle is Horizon 3, which encapsulates all values of previous Horizons plus encompasses a networked and autonomous vision of the supply chain, driving completely new sources of value with a “OneEcosystem” approach.Read More

  • HFS Horizons: Digital Engineering Service Providers, 2023

    The HFS Horizons: Digital Engineering Service Providers, 2023 report examines service providers’ roles in digital engineering aligning enterprise objectives with service provider value. We assessed 25 service providers across their value propositions (the why), execution and innovation capabilities (the what), go-to-market strategy (the how), and market impact criteria (the so what) to best understand and plot the value they offer to their digital engineering clients.Read More

  • 2022 was The Great Resignation… 2023 is becoming The Great Freakout

    March 18, 2023 | ,

    Massive tech layoffs, back-to-office mandates, a highly-uncertain economic and political climate, and an epidemic of banks almost collapsing dominate the headlines, and suddenly the workplace power dynamic has shifted squarely from the jaded employee-fuelled Great Resignation to something resembling a great workplace freakout.Read More

  • Which providers lead sourcing and procurement services in 2023?

    The latest Sourcing and Procurement Horizons report is a snapshot of leading procurement service providers' sourcing and procurement services capabilities. The aim of CPOs is to realize the value of procurement beyond costs and savings. We assessed 10 service providers on their capabilities across a defined series of value propositions, execution and innovation, go-to-market strategy, the voice of the customer, and alignment with the HFS OneOffice criteria.Read More

  • Redefining leadership roles is critical to be an effective Autonomous Enterprise

    A strong governance capability has the talent, tech infrastructure, automation, and AI to deliver the data that will drive success with minimal manual interventions that impede progress and speed. The ultimate goal of an autonomous enterprise allows us humans to remove ourselves from some parts of the system so that we can make continuous improvements to the ecosystem as a whole. What are the leadership roles needed to understand the data they need? How can we build the right internal teams and external partnerships to support an autonomous enterprise? And how can we design smart governance to manage key decisions faster with some degree of confidence? Read More

  • It’s all just so easy when you got DC…

    February 01, 2023 |

    When we look at the now-famous Cognizant CEO factory, probably the best-known of the bunch is Debashis Chatterjee (known simply as "DC" to everyone in the biz), who now finds himself leading the new $4.2bn powerhouse that is LTIMindtree.  He's also one of the calmest and easy-going guys you can hope to meet in this business. So let's hear directly from DC... what makes him tick and what's next for the new 7th largest Indian-heritage service provider...Read More