GenAI is meaningless, unless it is toasted


When every tech firm is pounding out an identical narrative to seize their pound of GenAI marketing flesh, who better to turn to than Don Draper to unearth that golden nugget that makes them special in the mind of the buyer?

The greatest marketing opportunity since the invention of cereal… 

Tech providers… when it comes to differentiating your capabilities, you need to resonate with the audience you’re targeting, not simply scream more noise into the ethernet. Do you really think anyone wants to hear about your new suite of GenAI tools that just appeared from nowhere and sound suspiciously like your usual crop of offerings with “GenAI” simply glommed on top?

The answer is no – people are excited by the potential impact of GenAI on their lives –  both their work and their personal experiences. They want to know how they can be better than they are – and how to make others around them better.  They want to know how to keep enriching their experiences because of the promise of GenAI… not simply how they may become so programmable they will lose their job or the huge productivity gains that will make their corporate money people happy.

In short, we must stop making the same old mistakes of viewing anything new and shiny as the next productivity tool… this is what killed RPA (remember that?).  The beauty of GenAI is the simple reality that it brings human-like intellect into our technological lives… it’s about extending the brilliance and creativity of ourselves, not about replicating and subsequently eliminating our minds.

The key is for tech providers to convince you to take a bet on them

You must avoid creating panic and desperation to sound as credible as everyone else or make out you’re spending more money than everyone else.  Ultimately, you want your clients and your competitors’ clients to find you compelling enough to talk to you about this and view you as a partner worth taking a big bet on… and they’ve all got some very big decisions to take and some very big risky bets to make.

We all know by this point that GenAI promises the first seismic business-tech inflection point since the advent of the Internet in the mid-90s.  GPT-4 is real; it is a whole new way to interact with the Internet, to learn, to collaborate, to program, to design, to re-invent, to make us happy.  It’s not just disruptive; it’s positively destructive.  It’s really, really personal.

GenAI is powerful because it is personal… it can make smart people happy

So the whole tech industry needs to get away from this press release disease of copying each other’s fluff and actually change the whole conversation to make it meaningful – and make it personal. Unlike most technologies, GPT is being driven by consumers, not corporations pushing out the next productivity tool, which can help penny-pinching CFOs cut staff and shift work to cheaper locations.

People are bringing ChatGPT into their enterprise in a similar fashion to the way Apple Macs were submerged into enterprise environments… employees demand superior technology when it raises the quality of their work and their personal experiences.  And savvy corporate leaders will support tech investments when they see how the improved experiences stimulate employee morale, and their improved happiness and passion result in better competitive performance.

Bottom-Line:  Most people are turning off GenAI and will only pay attention when someone can make it all about THEM

Back in the 60’s, you had six tobacco giants trying to convince the world that cigarettes were not bad for your health, as more and more evidence gradually unfolded linking smoking to cancer.  Fast forward to today, and it must be similar to convince people about the threat of climate change and actually doing something about it while various politicians and big businesses attempt to sow doubt into people’s minds (even though only the most ignorant are still in denial).

If only we had Don to spur us into climate change action with another brilliant campaign idea.  If we made climate change about how it impacts you personally, then perhaps more people will actually do something about it, rather than confuse us with Net Zero targets and thrusting intellectual elite snobs on us, jet-setting to their latest fancy conference, to make us feel very stupid and unworthy.

It’s also the same with GenAI… the tech world must convince people how amazing the experience is to them, genuinely demonstrating how they can immerse themselves in a new technology that everyone can immerse into their daily lives.  GenAI may not be toasted, but it can make you happy…

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