Saurabh Gupta
President, Research and Advisory Services

Saurabh Gupta is President, Research and Advisory Services at HFS. He oversees HFS’ global research function managing the global team of analysts and operations across US, Europe, and Asia-Pac. He works closely with the CEO to set the strategic research focus and agenda for HFS Research, understanding and predicting the needs of the industry and ensuring that HFS maintains its position as the strongest impact thought leader for business operations and services research.

He is a recognized thought leader and passionate problem solver in the global services industry. With 15+ years of experience across client, provider, advisory, and analyst roles, he brings a uniquely realistic and wide-ranging perspective to our industry’s challenges and opportunities. Before joining HFS, Saurabh led strategy for Genpact’s CFO and transformation services, helped shape the Business Process Services (BPS) strategy for AbbVie, managed Everest Group’s global BPS practice, and worked as a techno-functional consultant at Infosys.

Saurabh advises senior executives on business transformation initiatives with a strategic mindset and execution orientation. He has authored over 125 research reports, is a frequent speaker, and is regularly quoted in industry publications. He is well-known for spotting disruptive trends like As-a-Service, Cloud, Analytics, Robotics and predicting their implications for different stakeholders. He brings to the table a combination of subject matter expertise and structured thinking with effective collaboration and communications.

Saurabh is a Mechanical Engineer from Delhi College of Engineering and MBA from IIT Bombay. He lives in Chicago with his wife and daughter. He is a fan of Indian cricket and European soccer but is still trying to comprehend American football.

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