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Is BPO on the brink of a technology revolution?

Crossing the Chasm

Why BPO clients which have tech-enabled their processes are achieving better performance and outcomes


Moving mountains with Mike, part 1

Mike Salvino is Group Chief Executive, BPO at Accenture (click for bio)

Phil Fersht interviews Accenture’s Group Chief Executive for BPO, Mike Salvino


2014 shared services and outsourcing outlook Part I: It’s time for enterprises to stop being really good at irrelevant stuff

Are you feeling relephant?

In 2014, ambitious operations leaders must begin achieve a certain degree of maturity across their operations before they can really address achieving their desired outcomes


Why so many cost-obsessed CEOs will fail if they ignore their supplier management capabilities

Failing at managing your extended enterprise?  Then click here to course correct

Recessions are good times for business leaders who love to focus on containing costs, however, times of recovery are markedly different

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Time to inoculate your firm against early-onset Zombieism… by coming to the Blueprint Sessions 3.0 this December


When  Zombieism takes its grip on enterprise operations, many fail to realize… until it’s too late.  In fact, many of you reading this may already be exhibiting signs of early-onset Zombieism and immediate inoculation is imperative… But never fear folks, as the forthcoming BluePrint Sessions 3.0 in New York this December are specifically designed to [...]


Mike Friend joins the HfS batting line-up

Mike Friend... now batting for HfS as Vice President for European BPO Strategies (Click for Bio)

We’re proud to announce the beginning of a major expansion with HfS’ European BPO capabilities, with the arrival of the esteemed and popular analyst Mike Friend


Predicting and postulating potential procurement provider positioning post-Procurian purchase

The letter P

We wanted to spend some time thinking about the implications of the Accenture/Procurian merger for the other service providers in the Procurement Outsourcing marketplace


Accenture procures procurement’s prize property: Procurian

Mike Salvino is Group Chief Executive, Business Process Outsourcing, for Accenture

This is a momentous transaction in the history of Procurement Outsourcing which will have major ripple effects across all the other service providers and likely re-shaping our “Winner’s Circle” for 2014, as a result of Mike Salvino’s decision to double-down on sourcing


Prince Charles of Sutherland joins HfS to lead BPO strategy

Charles Sutherland is Senior Vice President, BPO Strategies at HfS (Click for bio)

Charles Sutherland will be playing a key role in helping us lead many of our strategic BPO assignments across traditional horizontals, such as F&A and Procurement, in addition to driving new coverage in growth areas such as Supply Chain Management and Robotization.


And here’s the 2013 Procurement Outsourcing Blueprint…


A big congrats to Accenture, IBM, Procurian, Infosys and GEP for making the Winners Circle


Replay of “Outsourcing is DEAD! Long Live Outsourcing…”


Click here for the replay & Click here for the slides. Enjoy!


Welcome to Gautam’s city

Gautam Thakkar is Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Infosys BPO (Click for bio)

We were pleasantly surprised when Gautam Thakkar got the nod to take on the reins at InfosysBPO last month. Here Phil Fersht and Gautam discuss his new role and how he intends to take the InfosysBPO forward


The dreamSource files… Gartner only focuses on “step 1″ for outsourcing. We’re all way beyond that

How could you fail to trust these gentlemen?

And over at dreamSource, where 82% of the buyers have never completed a training class for outsourcing or shared services governance

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HfS Market Index shows Outsourcing of IT and Business Processes to Grow by 4% in 2013

Jamie Snowdon is Applications Services guru, HfS (click for bio)

Yes, you heard it here first, folks: outsourcing expenditure is mushrooming at the warp-speed clip of 4% this year to surpass $950 Billion, and expected to average a 5% clip each year through 2017


Outsourcing may be battered, bruised and vilified… so why is only a twentieth of enterprises planning to reduce it in 2013?


Make no bones about it: 2012 was a pretty dire year for the industry known as “outsourcing”. However, brand new data from our State of Outsourcing 2013 Study conducted with the support of KPMG, and the largest-ever research survey focused on IT and business function outsourcing, clearly shows that the majority of enterprises are not only aggressively focused on increasing their outsourcing portfoilios, but many are now taking a more mature and realistic approach.


Matthew Eatough approximates his US strategy

The Windy City braces for a new storm coming from across the Atlantic...

Eighteen years ago, one man had a vision to take on, improve and ultimately manage the procurement function for British companies. And what better to call his firm, than the “buyingTeam”?  I mean, what else are you supposed to do when you’re in the procurement services business?  However, when the affable Matthew Eatough decided to expand [...]

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Caught in the xeno-bamia crossfire, these are dangerous times for the “outsourcing” industry

Don't you just love the name...

The industry currently known as “outsourcing” is currently under its greatest-ever attack. President Obama has made attacking Bain Capital’s promotion of itself once as a “one stop outsourcing shop”, the focal point of his re-election campaign. And this is a serious attack – he has $512m in campaign money left to burn, and only $25m a month is currently being spent on attack-ads from both parties – the worst is yet to come. So how should the “outsourcing” industry deal with this?


Want to keep with the “outsourcing” status quo? Love staring at a spreadsheet all day? Then Blueprint 2.0′s not for you…


Life been just dandy since you took 30% off your department’s fixed costs, that you’ll never need to do anything much again in your career… except stare at a spreadsheet? Just love keeping those lights on and squeezing penalty payments of your provider? No need to improve anything, because the way your firm does this is just, simply, perfect?
Then you won’t need to waste time with us and leading buy-side organizations from the HfS 50 Executive Council in Boston this October…

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SAP ruptures the procurement universe by scooping up Ariba

Are we in the Cloud yet?

With its $4.3 billion cash offer, SAP answered every procurement technologist’s question, “Who is going to buy Ariba?” While this acquisition will rupture the procurement technology universe, HfS believes the real question that supply chain and finance professionals must ask is, “Now that SAP finally has a credible commerce network, can I eliminate and automate processes I’ve been busily outsourcing?”


The end of outsourcing as we know it… Part I


At the end of the day, it’s not all about outsourcing and it’s not all about shared services; it’s about focusing on how to globalize processes, how to transform finance (and other) functions, and how to govern it all in a global business services context. There is no dominant model, it’s more about achieving the right balance across all delivery models to achieve the best business goals. In conjunction with global accounting body ACCA, We spoke to 682 large organizations currently running finance in either an outsourced or shared service framework (or both) – and the results are emphatic: those organizations relying predominantly on outsourced delivery, or predominantly shared services, are viewing their finance delivery performance much more skeptically