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  • It’s all just so easy when you got DC…

    February 01, 2023 |

    When we look at the now-famous Cognizant CEO factory, probably the best-known of the bunch is Debashis Chatterjee (known simply as "DC" to everyone in the biz), who now finds himself leading the new $4.2bn powerhouse that is LTIMindtree.  He's also one of the calmest and easy-going guys you can hope to meet in this business. So let's hear directly from DC... what makes him tick and what's next for the new 7th largest Indian-heritage service provider...Read More

  • Who’s leading the pack for strategic finance services?

    The HFS Strategic Finance Horizons report analyzes services provider capabilities shaping the financial planning and analysis industry and their proven capabilities to help their enterprise customers access critical financial data at speed. HFS assessed 13 major service providers' prowess in the strategic areas of FP&A. Read More

  • The Six Principles of The Autonomous Enterprise

    An autonomous enterprise is one whose leadership continuously seeks to refine the data it needs in real-time to be successful.  Its governance capability ensures it has the talent, tech infrastructure, automation, and AI to deliver the data that will drive success with minimal manual interventions that impede progress and speed. The ultimate goal of an autonomous enterprise allows us humans to remove ourselves from some parts of the system so that we can make continuous improvements to the ecosystem as a whole.Read More

  • 2023 will provide a huge opportunity for automation service providers… so how do they stack up?

    December 19, 2022 | , ,

    The economic conditions in 2023 will put automation in the hot seat, and expectations are on operations leaders to roll out automation initiatives. So one thing is clear, most organizations will need a lot of help to roll out real automations that perform more than basic RPA - they need to evaluate automation and AI technologies across the board to move their organizations forward across our three Horizons.Read More

  • New HFS Horizons Report! Healthcare Payer Service Providers are all about the right fit

    December 08, 2022 | ,

    In October 2022, HFS said goodbye to the Top 10s and welcomed HFS Horizons, a forward-looking construct to evaluate service providers. Our first industry focused horizon report is the healthcare payer service provider report that was published in November 2022. This report helps healthcare enterprise buyers make high-confidence buying and partnering decisions in the context of the specific challenges they are attempting to address. Read More

  • re:Invent or re:Position? AWS tries to ‘out Google’ Google on the importance of your data strategy

    December 05, 2022 | , ,

    AWS could lose steam as the migration to the cloud, as a technology platform, gives way to the cloud’s role in making data a business asset. While AWS's growth numbers are still holding up, there could be significant changes on the horizon as Google Cloud Platform (GCP) makes up lost ground with its approach to a data-centric cloud environment.Read More

  • The OneOffice Data Cycle: Data is your strategy, automation your mindset, AI your autonomy

    November 28, 2022 |

    To be a truly autonomous organization, the principles of OneOffice hold truer than ever: workflows need to execute in real-time between customers and employees - and engage partners in your ecosystem. OneOffice is about understanding and discovering the data you must have to win in your market - right now in real-time - as the market environment keeps changing.Read More

  • The HFS Horizons revolution kicks off with Cloud Native Transformation

    At HFS, we have redefined how we evaluate service providers and tech suppliers to reflect the value ambitious enterprises demand in today’s business environment with our new HFS Horizons. Now we're excited to share the first-ever Horizons Report — on Cloud Native Transformation.Cloud Native Horizons aligns the performance of today’s service providers with driving the functional building blocks of technology transformation (Horizon 1), creating the business transformation experiences their clients enjoy (Horizon 2), and the Cloud Native synergies their clients are developing across their ecosystem partners to create new sources of value (Horizon 3).Read More

  • Automation doesn’t dictate why we do things; It must dictate how we do them

    October 29, 2022 |

    10 years since HFS introduced RPA to the industry, and we’re finally focusing on automation as a value-lever that drives business outcomes.  The pandemic has shifted the automation focus from creating efficiencies in the back office to delivering immediate business impact, where talent shortages can be overcome, where digital workflows can operate despite broken supply chains, and where businesses can function effectively in their virtual and hyperconnected ecosystems.Read More

  • Goodbye Top Ten and Hello HFS Horizons!

    October 03, 2022 | ,

    We are unveiling "HFS Horizons" to align the performance of service providers and tech suppliers with the outcomes they help their clients define, the great experiences their clients enjoy, and the synergies their clients are developing across their ecosystem partners to create new sources of value.Read More