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Double-Dip Dynamics, Part II: The new tenets of outsourcing – process standardization, global flexibility and better technology

What is motivating buyers to outsource in this current climate? While eliminating cost is still is a huge fundamental, buyers are even more focused on achieving greater flexibility to scale their global operations as a prime motivating factor. Clearly, many executives are getting more experienced and skilled at driving an sourcing initiative, and are confident they can use the endeavor as a change agent to promote and implement much-needed change in their businesses.


It’s Meg Mitt-man as HP does a 180 with its Band-Aid plan

One can ask many questions as to why HP’s new CEO made such a dramatic reversal of Léo Apotheker’s decision barely two months’ ago. There’s nothing wrong with making “180’s” with product and strategy decisions – the very best businesses in the world have been quick to admit bad decisions and correct them.


Double-Dip Dynamics, Part I: 70% of buyers are sitting on the fence with their outsourcing plans in the current climate

Our new study that covered the intentions and observations of 534 buyers, advisors and providers with their sourcing strategies in the event of a “Double-Dip” Recession reveals one major shift in the industry: most buyers now recognize what their businesses need to improve to drive productivity, they simply are struggling to figure out how to marshall their internal and external resources to help them get there.

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HfS is awarded IIAR Analyst of the Year for second year in succession

The International Institute of Analyst Relations (IIAR) 2012 analyst awards: HfS Research wins the individual award for “Analyst of the Year” for a second year in succession in addition to Outsourcing Analyst Firm of the Year.


A big cat for a big job: meet Tiger (Part II)

Part II of Phil Fersht’s interview with Tiger Tyagarajan discussed the Genpact-specific opportunities and challenges that Tiger will be tackling in his new role as President and CEO


A big cat for a big job: meet Tiger (Part I)

Having survived a tough recession for the BPO industry, successfully fending off larger competitors baying for its blood, Genpact has recently taken a new direction – appointing NV “Tiger” Tyagarajan to take the helm from the irrepressible Pramod Bhasin


Where the boys are…

Deborah Kops bemoans why today’s service providers are so male-dominated


Here is The BPO Resource Center: breaking new ground in research, learning and debate

Today, we have launched The BPO Resource Center that’s geared to become THE one-stop shop for anyone seeking to learn more about Business Process Outsourcing – without having to pay thousands of dollars for the privilege.


Eight top tips to prevent outsourcing providers committing harakiri in the sales process

Let’s save you nice outsourcing providers the time, trouble and expense of getting advice on how not to sell yourself, and give you all the advice you need, right here, right now – and for absolutely nothing


ADP jumps head-first into RPO with The RightThing acquisition, but will this be enough to take on the big players?

ADP has added another tool to its HR BPO toolbox with the acquisition of RPO provider The RightThing. The acquisition of the twenty-year old privately held firm is ADP’s first foray into the RPO market.

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Curious about Kurien? TK talks to HfS about his plans for Wipro

Wipro’s CEO T. K. Kurien talks to HfS about his plans for Wipro


As Wipro drops out of the “offshore big three”, high-time to offload Infocrossing?

Several leading service providers have been taking a long hard look at themselves in recent months as they come to terms with a new breed of competitor, increasing demands – and pricing requirements – from clients. There include the likes of CSC, HP and, more recently, leading Indian HQed provider Wipro. HfS analyst Robert McNeill takes a further look at Wipro’s current predicament and poses the question: Is it Time for Wipro to sell Infocrossing?


A bunch of people talking, thinking, and writing about work but no one actually does real work

Isn’t it refreshing when you read someone’s unbridled rant and you just have to say out loud, “Thank god someone finally called it”.

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HfS secures the services of Jim Slaby

We’re delighted to unveil a very special talent to the sourcing industry – a respected veteran of the infrastructure security world and now seeking to ply his knowledge and experience to supporting global sourcing environments: Jim Slaby.


Aird aired. Part II

Part II of our Charlie Aird interview, where we talk about the future of the sourcing industry, the Global Business Services framework he’s spearheading, and a little insight into how he views the changing environment for Big 4 consultants and boutique advisors.