Here is The BPO Resource Center: breaking new ground in research, learning and debate


Dear BPO industry,

Today, we have launched  The BPO Resource Center that’s geared to become THE one-stop shop for anyone seeking to learn more about Business Process Outsourcing – without having to pay thousands of dollars for the privilege.  

In fact, you won’t have to pay anything. This is intended to be the site where buyers, providers, investors, advisors, analysts, academics and politicians can swing by to peruse content, download reports, get engaged in dialog or even contribute their own research.

The BPO Resource Center is geared to become a genuine industry resource that encompasses best-practices, next-practices, worst-practices, news, industry data, views and research insight. However, what makes this sight really unique is that we’re opening up the content to the best minds in the business to share their learnings, and this includes other research analyst firms and academia. We’ve kick-started the site with a selection of recent BPO-related research reports, blogs and articles from HfS and will soon be populating this with research from our research competitors and academic peers.

And while we would love to be a non-profit charity for the outsourcing business (we’ll do that when we get rich and retire), we do occasionally need a little help from industry, and we’re delighted to announce that Accenture has become the first executive sponsor of the Center.  And before you ask, they do not control or influence our content, they are simply great supporters of HfS as an industry voice and want to help support such a great resource to further the learnings of industry. Plus you get a lovely welcome video from the famous Mike Salvino, head of Accenture’s BPO business, when you log-on.

Many of you on the buy or sell side of outsourcing are great clients of ours and we cannot understate enough now much we value your support as we look to expand our knowledge-sharing for the development of the global sourcing business.  The BPO Resource Center is the next stage in the development of the HfS platform as the pre-eminent portal for all things sourcing and shared services, and we strongly urge you to pay it a visit and sample several of the complimentary research reports and discussion pieces.

Take a look at the HfS BPO Resource Center

Take a look at the Horses for Sources BPO Resource Center now

You’ll see some of the best work of the HfS BPO murderers row that include such reprobates as Tony Filippone, Esteban Herrera, Reetika Joshi, Deborah Kops and yours truly. And here’s the best thing: All you need to do is sign up once, and you’ll forever have free access to all the research, which we will frequently refresh.  We’ve also assembled a smattering of the best recent blog posts on the BPO business.

I’d personally love your feedback on this site–what you like, how we can improve it, and anything else you can think of. Please feel free to drop me a line at [email protected].


Phil Fersht, Founder and CEO, HfS Research

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  1. The new site is excellent. I must comment HfS for your excellent research and sharing it so freely with industry. You are a great credit,


  2. Great site. Some very good advice pieces for buyers – thanks for putting together such a good research site, I look forward to seeing how this develops,


  3. It’s refreshing to have a quality research firm make its work accessible to industry – you deserve all the success you seem to be having. Great new site too,


  4. Phil,

    This is an excellent concept. Aside from BPO, will you look to do something similar in ITO?


    Jason Clemence

  5. @Jason,

    Thanks for your comment. We feel it’s getting increasingly challenging for people to get the practical advice and focused research they need, hence putting “everything you need to know about BPO” in one place makes a lot of sense. I agree, it would also make sense to have something focused on ITO issues that could also encompass areas such as Cloud and Security. The challenge with ITO is one of maturity of buyer, as we get a mix of highly-experienced ITO people and a lot of newbies on HfS who want a level of research that is much less advanced. It may make more sense, ultimately, to have a “best sourcing practices” site that focuses on contractual and governance issues, and another site that’s more specific to technology and outsourcing. Moreover, we’ll be talking a lot about the blurring lines between technology and BPO on the new BPO Resource Center… so my answer to you is one of “work in progress”… let’s see how people start to consume the research on this site first and keep options open, based on what HfS readers want,



  6. Phil,

    Loved the innovation piece. Look forward to downloading these pieces and reading them – kudos to HfS to sharing so much of your research and insight,

    David Wentz

  7. Phil and team,

    A great collection of serious, provocative and insightful articles – all done with your usual cheeky humour 🙂

    Look forward to reading your work,

    Amanda Hare

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