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Cost is the New Black: The Overbearing Paradoxical C-Suite Imperative for 2015


60% of enterprise C-Suites are actively seeking to reduce their reliance on labor in their operations – but most are discovering they need to work smarter before they can work cheaper.


Missed the 2015 HfS Research Agenda Web-Session? Then here’s the replay…

Hear from the HfS analyst practice leaderships this Thursday.  Click to Register now

Want to hear what HfS is covering in 2015 before our competitors rip us off?

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If anyone can, Barbra McGann can…

Barbra Sheridan McGann joins HfS as Senior Vice President, Research

Barbra Sheridan McGann talks to HfS about her exciting new analyst role with the firm

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Cooking up NASSCOM’s $50 billion Bangalore biryani

Charles Sutherland closes out this year's Nasscom BPM Summit in Bangalore

Charles Sutherland shares thoughts on NASSCOM’s ambition to grow Business Process exports from $20 Billion in 2014 to $50 Billion by 2020.

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Cognizant’s CEO Frank D’Souza talks to us about his recent $2.7bn shopping trip

Francisco D'Souza, Cognizant CEO (Click for bio)

We grabbed a few minutes with Cognizant’s CEO, Frank D’Souza, to talk about why his company made this move


Cognizant makes the biggest bet ever by an Indian services provider. This is a big bloody deal…

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Cognizant has upped the ante; now it’s time for the ambitious providers to open their war-chests


Genpact feasts on Pharmalink to take on Accenture in the life sciences regulatory space


Genpact today announced the acquisition of Pharmalink Consulting a global provider of regulatory services to the life sciences industry


Four make Winner’s Circle for Enterprise Mobility Services: Infosys, Tech Mahindra, IBM and Accenture


HfS launches the first Blueprint Report focused on Enterprise Mobility Services, where Infosys, Tech Mahindra, IBM and Accenture made the Winner’s Circle


Time to inoculate your firm against early-onset Zombieism… by coming to the Blueprint Sessions 3.0 this December


When  Zombieism takes its grip on enterprise operations, many fail to realize… until it’s too late.  In fact, many of you reading this may already be exhibiting signs of early-onset Zombieism and immediate inoculation is imperative… But never fear folks, as the forthcoming BluePrint Sessions 3.0 in New York this December are specifically designed to […]


Accenture, Xerox and Cognizant make the Winners Circle to support October’s healthcare chaos

The three service providers that we found best placed currently to service the healthcare payers are Accenture, Xerox, and Cognizant


Vicki Phelan, pharma fanatic

Vicki Phelan has run 6 marathons... in between pharma projects at KPMG

Next time your mom gives you a hard time, ask her if she does triathlons and brokers mega-outsourcing deals for big pharma giants.  Oh, and that’s while putting two girls through college, one of whom is a Varsity pole-vaulter. And apparently she has dinner on the table every night too… OK, I made up that […]


Replay of “Outsourcing is DEAD! Long Live Outsourcing…”


Click here for the replay & Click here for the slides. Enjoy!


It needn’t be marketing hell, with EXL

Substance over Puffery: Becky Dennis is Chief Marketing Officer for EXL

One example of an Indian-centric provider which is setting the standard for many others to follow is up-and-coming BPO provider EXL, which has not only invested heavily in local delivery resources, but has also put significant resources into developing its corporate, sales and marketing leadership in the United States.


HP and CSC beware: Dell is quietly becoming a major threat to the traditional IT services providers

Michael Dell is on a no-nonsense stealth services journey with his business

It is my personal belief that the likes of HP and CSC will be sweating from the oncoming threat from the Austin-based firm’s $8.5 billion services arm in the not-too-distant future, not to mention some of the flagging Indian firms struggling to rediscover their mojoes.


The dreamSource files… I can train my people to have technical skills, but I can’t give them a personality transplant


And over at dreamSource, where 48% of the buyers have experienced strategic skills becoming more important than tactical skills for managing their outsourcing engagements, since they embarked on their initiative

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Genpact joneses after JAWOOD to capitalize on healthcare insurance mayhem

Tony Filippone

Get ready for the healthcare market to heat up over the next three years as a result of state health insurance market places, the rapid expansion of accountable care organizations, and ICD-10 implementations.

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So… who’s got the bottle to buy HP’s BPO services business?


In today’s commodotizing market for IT and business services, HP’s services business can only really look to defend what it still has against the encroaching competitive bite of the likes of Accenture, Cognizant, Genpact, IBM, TCS etc. However, there is one option that could revitalize its legacy: merge with one of the market leaders.


Are YOU ready for dreamSource?


Today, we’re proud to announce the unveiling of what promises to be the ultimate sourcing showdown of leading enterprise buyers and providers… in Westchester County, New York, next Spring

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The biggest, baddest and boldest bevvy of buyers is back to bend the boundaries of the blueprint in Boston…but hurry as we’re almost out of room!


We are very close to capacity for our upcoming Blueprint Sessions 2.0 taking place October 23-25, 2012 in Boston event so Register Now to secure your spot!

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Healthcare reform survives until November. Then what?


So we’re now one election away from the biggest outsourcing opportunity ever… the healthcare insurance industry trying to figure out how to move from a B2B to a B2C model. Quite simply, the insurance companies ain’t gonna figure out how to send a nuclear warhead into their service and IT operations… they’ll turn to the outsourcers to do it for them