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HfS welcomes Jyoti Banerjee to educate the services industry on why today’s top businesses are also the top sustainability performers

We’re seeing hard evidence that today’s most successful business are also the better sustainability performers. So what can we do to encourage business leaders to be sustainably-smart as they redefine their global operations strategies?

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Offshore outsourcing killing innovation? Time to change that record, please Professors…

The provocative interview of two Harvard Business School intellectuals in CIO Magazine is making the rounds and generating some interesting discussion. It will undoubtedly stoke the already heated fires of the sensationalist anti-outsourcing crowd and provide fodder to those who say that offshore outsourcing detracts from the “client” companies’ and countries’ competitiveness. The problem is that the argument being made, that outsourcing higher-end, higher value business processes will lead to erosion of the ability to innovate is at once obvious and flawed.


HfS Live and Unfiltered, Part I – The new buyer-provider outsourcing debate series is right here!

Fed up with all the puff and fluff? Comatosed by the motherhood and apple pie? Ready to get the real deal? Well, your pain will be over on August 4th, as we bring you the ultimate unfiltered schmaltz-free one-hour debate on the future of the outsourcing industry.

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Meet The Don of BPO (Part 1)

As IBM’s Donniel Schulman’s reputation and influence in the BPO industry has grown in recent years, we’ve finally persuaded the chirpy New Yorker to share some of his story since IBM entered the BPO industry via its 2002 acquisition of PwC Consulting


The undisputed facts about outsourcing, Part 7: Service-culture is the new differentiator

We asked a cross-section of buyers with significant influence over outsourcing decisions, to reveal the critical attributes they seek in a provider. At the same time, we asked providers what attributes they believe their clients deem critical. And – guess what – their are significant gaps between what clients want and what providers think they want.


The undisputed facts about outsourcing, Part 6: Europeans love money, but hate change

What’s driving outsourcing decision-making across the world? HfS Research’s new study on global outsourcing adoption reveals some key regional differences


Listen to Cassandra when it comes to sourcing change management

Earlier this year, HfS Research leveraged its vast network of global enterprises to solicit the opinions of buyers and providers of outsourcing attempting to understand how they view the role and importants of change management for outsourcing engagements. The web based survey was completed by 237 respondents with 96 buyers and 141 service providers.

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The biggest political threat (yet) to the outsourcing industry

The Swiss, in their typically punctilious fashion, now have an “Anti-PowerPoint Party” with the self-stated goal of having the number of boring PowerPoint presentations on the planet to decrease and the average presentation to become more exciting and more interesting.


What does the Future of Work look like?

HfS Research is conducting a study to help gain a better understanding of how the future of work is impacting organizations. You can help by participating in a short survey and providing your thoughts on how the future of work is impacting your business or your client’s businesses.

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Get your free Finance & Accounting BPO landscape report here. Yay!

In response to the multiple requests for some trumpet-blowing, you can download our blockbuster report absolutely FREE, right here. No forms to fill, no signing your life away to a torrent of daily spam – just plain, free, no-holds-barred research!

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So… on which side of the fence sits Gideon Gartner?

So the Grandaddy of great big research, and (arguably) the founding father of today’s IT industry analyst business, Gideon Gartner, picked up on our recent post “Will the industry analyst business be dead in five years?”

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Meet the sultan of strategic sourcing

While we were having some in-depth discussions with Microsoft’s CPO, Tim McBride, it became apparent how important niche specialist BPOs, such as Alpar’s firm Denali, are to the global sourcing mix for many organizations. So we thought we’d take a few minutes to have a discussion with Alpar about the future of the procurement function and the role of the CPO.

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The undisputed facts about outsourcing, Part 5: Decision-makers increasingly reliant on peer-networking and research than traditional channels

In the past, outsourcing was still a unique, foreign and scary activity, and it was always easier for buy-side executives to bring in consultants to make their decisions for them – especially as there were so few trusted data-points and information sources widely available in the industry to support decision-making. Executives didn’t want to get fired for making bad decisions. However, today they know they’ll get fired for the wrong decision regardless of who made it – whether it was theirs’ or McKinsey’s