What does the Future of Work look like?


We are in the midst of exciting times in the world of work.  Never before has the world’s economy seen such dynamic changes occurring at a rapid pace.   These changes are being driven by growth in emerging economies, new enabling technologies, talent gaps, mobile workforce, and perhaps even new motivations in the global workforce.  HfS Research, in conjunction with Human Resource Executive Online, is conducting a study to help gain a better understanding of how the future of work is impacting organizations.  You can help by participating in a short survey and providing your thoughts on how the future of work is impacting your business or your client’s businesses.  The survey can be found here: Future of Work Survey.

In HfS Research Fellow Keith Strodtman’s blog on this topic, The Future of Work – Who Will Lead,  we listed some of the future of work drivers that we see in business today.  We also suggested that the most successful companies will be those which figure out how to capitalize on the future of work by unleashing the innovative talents of their employees and partners.  This of course takes strong leadership.  We’d argue that the command-and-control model of management will not be as effective at unleashing innovation as would a decentralized model that puts more information and control into the hands of the people closest to the customer.  Doing so will increase an organization’s ability to quickly respond to customers and the market.  I think we can all agree that speed to market has never been more important.

Back to leadership, who will lead this type of change in successful organizations?  Who are the visionaries that can spot the changing dynamics of work?  Who knows which of these dynamics are most important to their company?  What role will HR play in all of this?  Will they be a change leader?  These are just some of the questions that we will try to answer with the results of the Future of Work Survey.  It should be interesting to look at some of these questions broken down by respondent group, industry, and organizational size.

So please take a few minutes (it should only take about 7 or 8 minutes) to complete the survey.  This is just the beginning of what we at HfS Research hopes will be a long series of insights into how companies can be successful in the Future of Work.

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