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Folks – we constantly get accused of  not “blowing our own trumpet” enough and showcasing our research, so today, we’ll have a go!

Back in April, we published our landmark report, The  F&A  BPO  Market  Landscape  in  2011: Re-emerging from  the  Recession,  re-focusing  on Business Outcomes. In that report, we made some predictions on the market, for example:

"Louis, have we got some bed-time reading in store tonight…" (Click to download)

 * OPI:  “Needs  to  look  at  M&A   opportunities  if  it  wants  to   compete effectively  for  larger   engagements”;

 * Intelenet Global:  “Could  be  effective  at  winning   small-­scale  engagements with   some  smart  investment  in  a  go-­to-­market  strategy.  However,  a small   client  base,  limited  brand  and  its   late  arrival  into  the  US  market   makes this  a  hard  task.  Merging with  a  larger  entity  may  be  a   better  move.”

Since we published, OPI was acquired by EXL and Intelenet by Serco.  Read between the lines and you can start predicting other likely things to happen in the not-so-distant future.  It’s as it HfS is your very own self-perpetuating crystal ball (gulp)…

Anyway, in response to the multiple requests for more trumpet-blowing, you can download our blockbuster report absolutely FREE, right here!  No forms to fill, no signing your life away to a torrent of daily spam – just plain, free, no-holds-barred research!  Yay!

Click here to download “The  F&A  BPO  Market  Landscape  in  2011: Re-emerging from  the  Recession,  re-focusing  on Business Outcomes”

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  1. Well, given the volume of fluff Gartner must be buying on the open market (futures value of fluff are at an all time high on the CME) there wouldn’t be sufficient available for HfS anyhow were it to choose that route.

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