Category: The Generative Enterprise

  • Cognizant gets savvy with Ravi to resurrect its mojo at the intersection of industry and technology

    In its recent past, Cognizant had achieved what most of the industry still fails at today: Everyone understood the “Why Cognizant”, versus just the “what” and the “how”. What had been the poster child for modern offshore-centric outsourcing for a decade and a half has struggled since activist investor Elliot management squeezed the life out of the firm in 2017. Can new CEO Ravi Kumar reinvigorate the firm’s culture while also setting out a new course for growth in the era of The Generative Enterprise? The bookings momentum in 2023 is indicating the firm is on the right track...Read More

  • AI-washing is taking over humanity…

    June 02, 2023 | ,

    Massive public misidentifications are making the AI term both a scapegoat for unpopular job layoffs and a magic hype-wand for vendor marketing, as literally every firm touching technology is launching their "GenAI" suite of offerings on a daily basis. The pressure is on executives, investors, public decision-makers, and influencers to skill-up fast and learn how to approach the AI craze with cunning instead of credulity.Read More

  • IBM Watson missed the AI revolution, but Watsonx could become the heartbeat of the Generative Enterprise

    May 10, 2023 | ,

    IBM unveiled its multi-model and multi-cloud Watsonx to drive AI-first enterprises - what we are calling "The Generative Enterprise" at HFS. IBM is describing the platform as a "full technology stack" for training, tuning, and deploying AI models, including foundation and large language models while ensuring tight data governance controls. In our view, Watsonx is the first enterprise-grade offering to address the Generative Enterprise holistically.  Here’s our interpretation of WatsonxRead More