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  • Ten reasons why GPT-4o will pour fuel onto the GenAI smoldering platform

    May 19, 2024 |

    Having multimodal capability that brings speech, text, video, and content together into one singular neural network that we can communicate with in real-time and immerse into our day-to-day activities is the game changer we have been unwittingly waiting for...Read More

  • We’re entering the Third Phase of AI: Purposeful AI

    Welcome to the Purposeful AI where humans set the goals and the boundaries, and your AI is empowered to deliver on the actions. This 'Third Phase of AI' follows from Foundational AI and Generative AI and is designed to make independent decisions – acting with autonomy within human-defined boundaries. Purposeful AI goes beyond a one-time-only assembly of rules of engagement. It will learn from its interactions and from prompts provided by humans to constantly improve its capabilities to action their desired outcomes in real-timeRead More

  • Process intelligence unlocks faster and better innovation with GenAI

    January 15, 2024 | ,

    When enterprises define their GenAI adoption roadmap, they must consider the value process intelligence can deliver if they want the technology to reach its full potential. Celonis Founder Alex Rinke sat down with Phil Fersht to talk about the value of partnerships with the likes of of LLaMA and Hugging Face, so it might get even easier to infuse process intelligence with your Generative AI plans.Read More

  • Not even God can save DXC!

    December 21, 2023 | ,

    DXC Technology's latest play is to bring Raul Fernandez off the bench as the new interim chief and move on from a difficult four years under Mike Salvino, who's passing the torch. But when you look at the challenges facing this firm, you might just come to the conclusion that not even God can turn this one around.Let's not kid ourselves; this isn't your usual passing of the baton – it's more like handing off a ticking time bomb. The company's market value is literally running on fumes and barely a third of its revenue numbers. And that's not just a hiccup – it's a full-blown identity crisis.Read More

  • Retail and CPG firms turn to innovation to combat the digital dichotomy

    December 08, 2023 | , ,

    The HFS Horizons: Retail and CPG Service Providers, 2023 report covers 24 leading providers helping their clients embrace innovation, devise new value streams, and realize value during these challenging times of rising costs, interest rates and rapidly changing consumer expectations.Read More

  • IDP goes beyond document processing to unlock insights from masses of data

    HFS has published its first intelligent document processing (IDP) Horizons report covering the broad landscape of IDP vendors landscape engaging with major enterprises.Read More

  • GenAI is meaningless, unless it is toasted

    August 06, 2023 |

    The tech world must convince people how amazing the GenAI experience is to them, genuinely demonstrating how they can immerse themselves in a new technology that everyone can immerse into their daily lives.  GenAI may not be toasted, but it can make you happy.Read More

  • HFS doubles down on Dana!

    July 25, 2023 | ,

    With a background in Anthropology and IT, Dana Daher brings a unique human-centered perspective to the world of technology. In her new analyst role with HFS, she will collaborate on key research areas impacting clients across Employee Experiences, including HR technology, EX services, automation, generative AI, DEI, and sustainability.Read More

  • Ten tectonic reasons why the shift to ChatGPT-4 from ChatGPT-3.5 will change your world

    June 23, 2023 |

    Overnight, you have been gifted with software providing an incredible ability to generate human-like text, understand and respond to queries, perform simple tasks, and even hold a conversation. When you fully immerse yourself in GPT-4, you'll quickly see how rapidly the errors of the previous version have been ironed out with some significant performance improvements.Read More

  • Concentrix doubles down on Webhelp to dominate traditional call center… despite autonomous CX changing the narrative

    April 08, 2023 | ,

    With Concentrix's mammoth acquisition of Webhelp, has the $125 billion world of call centers really become so dull that the only thing left to talk about is who’s the biggest?Traditional call center services are extremely ripe for disruption, with huge costs to be saved with the smart deployment of autonomous technologies. There are ample opportunities for tech-capable service providers to attack the CX space with digital offerings that are not dependent on voice-based butts-on-seats. So where's the real value in this 'traditional' acquisition for Concentrrix?Read More