Sarah Little
Leader, Strategic Marketing

Sarah is the Leader of Strategic Marketing at HFS. Sarah partners with executives, stakeholders, and team members across the ecosystem to achieve business outcomes, driving maximum impact for employee, customer, and partner experience. Sarah is known to be a creative, collaborative, and trusted team player who is unafraid of diving into the deep end as both individual contributor and leader, drawing from extensive experience across operations, marketing, communications, and thought leadership.

Prior to this role, Sarah served as Vice President, Content and Strategy, CEO’s Office, with responsibility and focus across marketing, brand, communications, and big industry themes such as leadership, culture, employee experience, and the future of work. She has been instrumental in supporting HFS’ successful research initiatives in employee experience, OneOffice transformation, and people and process change. Sarah started her career in software development and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media Studies from the University of Denver, a degree combining design, communications, and computer science. She has spent her career driving the interplay between business, marketing, and technology.

When Sarah’s catching personal time, you’ll find her cheering on her family in their pursuits, exploring her new home-base of Michigan, and preparing to get back onto the soccer field in 2023.