Sia Ravari
Chief Client Officer and Global Head of Sales

Sia is the Chief Client Officer and Global Head of Sales at HFS Research. He works with clients across the board to realize the value and impact of HFS Research. In this position, Sia leads the client team and new business development. He started as a junior account manager in June 2019 and, absorbing everything he could from smart, thought-leading colleagues and clients, quickly rose up the ranks.

Prior to joining HFS, Sia graduated with a degree in Biochemistry from University College London (UCL). He then pursued his Masters and PhD in Molecular Medicine at the University of Sheffield after receiving two scholarships from Kidney Research UK and the University of Sheffield to investigate disease pathogenesis of Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease.

Sia is a fan of Chelsea FC and enjoys playing football with friends as often as possible. He is also a member of his local gym, though he does not go to the gym as often as he would like!