Year: 2010

  • Happy 3rd Birthday, Horses for Sources

    May 25, 2010 |

    493 posts, 2386 comments and THREE YEARS later... Horses for Sources enters a fourth year of thunderous frolics... thanks for all your support and comments. Keep 'em coming!Read More

  • On your Marks, get set, RPO…

    May 22, 2010 |

    Without any doubt, the best known figure in the world of Recruitment Process Outsourcing is the all-tweeting, i-pad-wielding, champagne-supping, serial entrepreneur herself, Sue Marks, CEO of high performance talent acquisition solutions firm, Pinstripe.Read More

  • Innovation? The BPO industry needs to escape from purgatory. Part I

    May 17, 2010 |

    While there's a lot of puff coming from most providers, expectations are not being met when it comes to the actual achievement of innovation within many Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) engagements. Consequently, this improves the options for the first-time BPO buyer to select a provider that can demonstrate a proven track record of innovation, but what about the second-time buyer, rooted firmly in BPO purgatory?Read More

  • Are captives on the rebound?

    May 16, 2010 |

    So now Indian prisons are piloting BPO services for cost-savvy providers. Hmmm...Read More

  • Cloud security – a pleonasm?

    May 14, 2010 |

    Quite simply, Cloud computing represents one of the biggest opportunities and threats to IT professionals today. However, spend some with the CTOs at the likes of eBay, Amazon, etc., and their eyes will light up talking about their intense development programs, where they are training young IT talent to learn how to Cloud-enable applications that can underpin many different types of business processes. Read More

  • Introducing two new horses

    May 13, 2010 |

    As part of or new research alliance with EquaTerra, Stan Lepeak will be contributing on a broad array of global IT and business process areas. In addition, Andy Milroy joins us to add his spin on Asia/Pacific IT and BPO dynamics. Andy currently leads Frost & Sullivan's Australia and New Zealand's ICT Practice Read More

  • The horses are hiring…

    May 09, 2010 |

    Due to unprecendented demand for research, (plus the fact we kinda new and trying to do some), we're actively looking to bring on some analyst talent. Read More

  • Horses back on the road

    May 08, 2010 |

    We'll be making the rounds over the next month, and would be pleased to meet with folks along the wayRead More

  • No Payne, no Gain… it’s paradise as usual with IBM’s Bill Payne

    May 07, 2010 |

    Step up Bill Payne, IBM's Vice President for Global CRM and Industries Managed Business Process ServicesRead More

  • “Actionable Intelligence”: Our research alliance with EquaTerra

    May 06, 2010 |

    Horses for Sources is excited to announce a major development in our journey to be a truly distinctive analyst voice in the global services industry. Today, we are officially engaged in a research alliance with leading global business advisory firm EquaTerra to develop a new category of data-driven research, ‘Actionable Intelligence’.Read More