Are captives on the rebound?


You are not permitted to process any receivables…

So now Indian prisons are piloting BPO services  for cost-savvy providers.  Hmmm…

Some advantages:

  • Very low attrition (dependent upon prison security)
  • Wide range of available skills
  • Extremely low cost

Some disadvantages:

  • Concerns over use of voice work…  “How can I help you, kind Sir…”
  • Might cause a few minor branding issues for providers
  • Lift-and-shift options are limited unless you can convice your whole finance department to raid the local bank with AK47s

HfS opinion:

A great strategy for locking in your clients, but they may feel a bit robbed.  So not a lot of change there then 🙂

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  1. At least we know that the data and IP will be locked down securely. No escaping from that…..

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