Year: 2010

  • The hunters and the hunted: Indian BPOs readying for a rebound

    August 28, 2010 |

    As the world recovers from recession, the major Indian BPO providers eagerly await a return to the BPO boom, which has paused in the past 18 months as companies have sought to cope with riding out the tough-times. While the bounce-back has hardly been resurgent, BPO is clearly firmly on the corporate agenda and many of the leading Indian service providers are expanding staff, acquiring competitors, and making new marketing plans to widen market share and penetrate new sectors, such as the mid-market. Read More

  • The Horses on National Public Radio: is this the age of homeshoring?

    August 26, 2010 |

    If you happened to be listening to National Public Radio yesterday afternoon, you would have heard an interesting discussion on the rise of homeshoring on their All Things Considered afternoon showRead More

  • Bidding on BPO with Abid, Part I

    August 24, 2010 |

    We've seen a significant shift in in the competitive landscape for BPO providers in the last two years - some of the leading Indian providers have taken advantage of the recession to steal a march on several of the incumbents, pushing their own tenacious brand of offshore service delivery, that has evolved from their IT heritage. We managed to grab some time with TCS's head BPO honcho, Abid Ali Neemuchwala to talk about TCS's development and his views for the future nature and development of global BPO service delivery.Read More

  • Clarifying the Chucky chop shop issue: what should the US government do?

    August 22, 2010 |

    What options could the US government consider, if it wants to "stop" Indian IT services firms bringing temporary IT staff over to the US, and create an environment for fostering onshore technology employment and innovation?Read More

  • Why Chuck needs to get the chop

    August 17, 2010 |

    Senator Charles E. Schumer, not content with ludicrous attempts to tax the US consumer for taking an offshore call, has continued his personal tirade against the use of offshore services, by pushing through legislation to add a further $2,000 tax for an H-1B visa application, and $2,250 more for an L-1 visa applicationRead More

  • Is it time for Western and Indian services cultures to blend?

    August 13, 2010 |

    Business leaders are demanding more innovation and productivity from their outsourcing endeavors, but their delivery teams tend to be more concerned with the work culture of their provider. So how can leading providers deliver all the goodies CFOs and CIOs want, in addition to being really flexible and easy to work with? Read More

  • It really does roll downhill…

    August 09, 2010 |

    Iit's all about the leader and the team he or she molds under them, to drive the vision and instill passion down through their organizationsRead More

  • Time for HP to shephurd its BPO business

    August 08, 2010 |

    When Mark Hurd took up the reins as HP's boss back in 2005, the company badly needed him to stabilize the business, drive up the stock price, and add discipline and cost-control into many of its global operations. And whatever the reason for his demise (quite frankly, he's not Tiger Woods, so who cares?), he's done what HP needed him to do - and this is a good time to put someone else at the helm who can start closing the gap with IBM and others. In fact, he should have gone sooner, because there's a lot of ground to be made up right across the board. One of those is a flagging BPO business that had outperformed anyone's expectations before the EDS merger threw it into a confused shambles.Read More

  • Check out our monthly newsletter: “The Finish Line”

    August 07, 2010 |

    Welcome to the inaugural edition of The Finish Line! We will endeavor to gather and distill the significant news and information in global sourcing on a monthly basis to present to you. On selected key issues, we will provide insight and commentary from the Horses team and other thought leaders. We hope that you find The Finish Line useful, interesting and insightful.Read More

  • Meet the sourcing gangsters in Chicago

    August 06, 2010 |

    HfS has teamed with its networking partner, SSON, to present a superior discussion across the world of finance and sourcing, with Jay Desai, one of the buy-side's most respected voices for sourcing governance, Capgemini's own sourcing sherif David Poole, the pontiff of procurement Jason Busch... all moderated by HfS.Read More