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How the gig economy has turned bad analysts into vendor advocates


There’s nothing wrong with marketing someone’s products or services, just don’t pretend you’re an “analyst” when you do it!


#Crazymergerideas – Why IBM should acquire TCS

As-a-Service Graphic

Service providers need to figure out how to blend the best parts of each other to find their path to the As-a-Service Economy


Service providers blame their clients, advisors and analysts for their As-a-Service failure

Lee rhetoric, more dialog among the key stakeholders and better real-world education is the only real formula for success


Have most analysts completely given up doing “research”?

Is the analyst business stuck in the trough of disillusionment?

We called it three years’ ago and we can now officially proclaim that the industry, once known as research, is close to meeting its maker


Great to see Gartner adopting our HfS Blueprints!

Yes indeed folks – Gartner has announced it is doing its own “Blueprints research”!


Time to stop the buzzword balderdash and become meaningful again


Our industry has started to lose the plot with the amount of buzz terms spewing around


Accenture de-emphasizes the term “outsourcing” – is this the final death knell for the O word?


Accenture’s dropping the term “outsourcing” from its strategy line is the most significant yet in terms of rebranding the outsourcing business


HfS and Blue Prism partner to develop automated analyst solutions

Meet Clive: Robo-Analyst Prototype

Industry analyst firm HfS Research has today announced a strategic partnership with leading Robotic Automation software company, Blue Prism to develop the first automated analyst prototype


Are some “independent” analysts the worst offenders of pay-to-play?


One practice I seem to be exposed to everyday is the blatant opinionating from a host of “independent” analysts/bloggers/pundits/consultants /influencers/journalists etc who all make a living from the dirty vendor marketing dollar


2013 Analyst Value Survey Results: HfS Research leads the analyst industry for independence

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2013 Analyst Value Survey Results: HfS Research leads the analyst industry for independence


Is it time to de-social our lives?


I would argue that it’s actually time to “de-social” our behavior to regain the effectiveness and quality of our interactions and relationships.


Why the Indian W-I-T-C-H providers have yet to break the IT Services Top Ten

Jamie Snowdon is EVP Research, HfS

It would be easy to forgive anyone for assuming that the Indian services majors Wipro, Infosys, TCS, Cognizant and HCL (aka the “WITCH” providers) are dominating the global battle for services supremacy, given the hype that surrounds India’s dynamic IT outsourcing economy. However, In spite of their impressive growth over the past ten years, none of the WITCH providers have yet to make the HfS Top 10 of global IT services firms, despite dominating the application development and management busines


So… are these the world’s best outsourcing advisors?

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The IAOP has announced it’s 2013 “best outsourcing advisors”, and kudos to my former employer, Deloitte, for coming top. Credit has to go out to Peter Lowes and his Outsourcing Advisory Services group for their achievement. In addition, KPMG’s Shared Services and Advisory Group, led my Cliff Justice, finished in second place – a strong showing and justification of their 2011 acquisition of EquaTerra. The biggest surprises, however, are the absences of ISG, the largest transaction advisor of outsourcing contracts, and PwC…


So if the rockstars have gone, what’s left in the analyst industry?


Most of the big analyst personalities have seemingly fled the analyst industry… many for the riches on offer from their vendor clients, clearly seeing more ROI from employing them, as opposed to purchasing their firm’s services. However, this hasn’t prevented the remaining legacy purveyors of analyst services from making a living.


Fooled by Forbes’ fantasy fiction?


One issue dominating the tech-media back channels of late is publisher Forbe’s use of its column “BrandVoice” to blatantly promote various technology products, such as Oracle and SAP, with the advertorials appearing like credible news and opinion articles.


Shock, horror! Some vendors have bought the right to ”edit” analysts’ research…


Ventana Research CEO, Mark Smith, convincingly blogs that some major vendors actually have contracts with some analyst firms that give them rights to review, edit and approve research written about them.


Caught in the xeno-bamia crossfire, these are dangerous times for the “outsourcing” industry

Don't you just love the name...

The industry currently known as “outsourcing” is currently under its greatest-ever attack. President Obama has made attacking Bain Capital’s promotion of itself once as a “one stop outsourcing shop”, the focal point of his re-election campaign. And this is a serious attack – he has $512m in campaign money left to burn, and only $25m a month is currently being spent on attack-ads from both parties – the worst is yet to come. So how should the “outsourcing” industry deal with this?


The great outsourcing sham redux


So we managed to whip up a tidal wave of emotion and opinion when we made the call that the “outsourcing industry”, in its current state is, quite frankly, a sham. When over 30,000 people read something, there’s a reason why… so let’s drill down into what this all means


Is the outsourcing industry really still that clueless about cultural issues? Or high time to change that record…

In Brandi Moore’s “painful” interpretation of the joint research we did with Softek about Latin America as a sourcing destination, she manages to disparage an entire industry, ignore the facts, offer tired examples as brilliant self-aggrandizement, and demonstrate a poor understanding of her supposed field of expertise (culture). We often take a tongue-in-cheek approach to our coverage here, but we take the accuracy of our research and reporting very seriously.


So… on which side of the fence sits Gideon Gartner?

So the Grandaddy of great big research, and (arguably) the founding father of today’s IT industry analyst business, Gideon Gartner, picked up on our recent post “Will the industry analyst business be dead in five years?”

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