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Getting good at GBS governance: Why heroes don’t scale

Mike Beals is Vice President, Governance Research and Strategy, HfS Research (click for bio)

This governance group has the challenge of managing an increasingly complex environment, with aspirations much loftier than in the past to achieve the right maturity levels to run GBS effectively.

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2014 shared services and outsourcing outlook Part II: Why GBS will not be bullsh*t

Ready for your next provider meeting?

While several folks make valid arguments why GBS may be a pipe-dream for their own organization (or some of their clients’ organizations), we believe they are missing the big picture


2014 shared services and outsourcing outlook Part I: It’s time for enterprises to stop being really good at irrelevant stuff

Are you feeling relephant?

In 2014, ambitious operations leaders must begin achieve a certain degree of maturity across their operations before they can really address achieving their desired outcomes


Time to inoculate your firm against early-onset Zombieism… by coming to the Blueprint Sessions 3.0 this December


When  Zombieism takes its grip on enterprise operations, many fail to realize… until it’s too late.  In fact, many of you reading this may already be exhibiting signs of early-onset Zombieism and immediate inoculation is imperative… But never fear folks, as the forthcoming BluePrint Sessions 3.0 in New York this December are specifically designed to [...]


Mike Friend joins the HfS batting line-up

Mike Friend... now batting for HfS as Vice President for European BPO Strategies (Click for Bio)

We’re proud to announce the beginning of a major expansion with HfS’ European BPO capabilities, with the arrival of the esteemed and popular analyst Mike Friend


Predicting and postulating potential procurement provider positioning post-Procurian purchase

The letter P

We wanted to spend some time thinking about the implications of the Accenture/Procurian merger for the other service providers in the Procurement Outsourcing marketplace


Can HR ever overcome its obsession with the automation of obsolete processes?

Christa Degnan Manning is SVP, Workforce and Talent Strategies at HfS (Click for bio)

Why do so many HR executives obsess with administering irrelevant processes when they should be helping their firms’ managers get the best out of their staff?


What happens when you put the leaders of an industry in one room?

Can you handle this?  Click to learn more...

However which was we look at this, this is going to be one helluva crowd – with a bevvy of buyside sourcing and shared services leaders from 60 major organizations, in addition to this motley crew

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Fancy yourself as a sourcing Master Black Belt?

Ready to govern your operations?

HfS’ Governance Proficiency Certification Program is designed to help today’s sourcing executives approach service provider relationships and governance strategy with a sophisticated and pragmatic approach that will help them advance their careers, their skills and their experience

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Why are so many enterprise buyers becoming HfS members?

Why are so many enterprise buyers becoming HfS members?

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Dr Charlie airs the BPO potential of East Africa, Part 1

Charlie Aird contemplates process transformation outside of Mukono, Uganda

How about exploring an entirely new continent for talent availability that can pull an entirely new lever of efficiency and potential value for your business: East Africa


Vicki Phelan, pharma fanatic

Vicki Phelan has run 6 marathons... in between pharma projects at KPMG

Next time your mom gives you a hard time, ask her if she does triathlons and brokers mega-outsourcing deals for big pharma giants.  Oh, and that’s while putting two girls through college, one of whom is a Varsity pole-vaulter. And apparently she has dinner on the table every night too… OK, I made up that [...]


HfS announces the first Blueprint Winners Circle for SAP Services

Dr. Thomas Mendel, SVP IT Services Research, HfS (click for bio)

Congratulations to Accenture, IBM, Infosys, Capgemini, Wipro and HP – and SAP themselves – for reaching the hallowed ground of HfS’ first Blueprint for SAP-related services

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Welcome to the Six Tenets of Sourcing 2.0 – where a “lights on” approach might just get you fired


Big and clunky is ugly, lean and scalable is the new corporate sexy.


Replay of “Outsourcing is DEAD! Long Live Outsourcing…”


Click here for the replay & Click here for the slides. Enjoy!


Congratulations and welcome to Christa, Ned, Tom and Jamie!


It gives me great pleasure to announce some imminent new analyst arrivals at HfS, in addition to announcing the promotion of a couple of guys who’ve been instrumental in the development of this business, which has literately sprung from nowhere in three years to the monstrosity it has become today


The dreamSource files… I can train my people to have technical skills, but I can’t give them a personality transplant


And over at dreamSource, where 48% of the buyers have experienced strategic skills becoming more important than tactical skills for managing their outsourcing engagements, since they embarked on their initiative

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The dreamSource files… it’s not fair to place the change management onus onto the provider, it’s our accountability to change

Who can identify these chappies?

And over at dreamSource, where 72% of the buyers work in company’s where the CEO on down focus predominantly on cost…

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Why American firms are more progressive with outsourcing than the Europeans and Asians

Click to Enlarge

Why is it always the Americans at the head of the queue when it comes to increasing quarterly profit margins? But, even more intriguingly, why are they also leading the way when it comes to attempting to improve their capabilities when they outsource? Our recent State of Outsourcing Study 2013, conducted with the support of KPMG, clearly shows the differing mission-critical business motivations across the main three global regions, when it comes to outsourcing


The dreamSource countdown continues… Meet Mads (Part II)

Madelein Smit is ready for dreamSource... are YOU?

If you have recovered from the mental impairment caused by the really awful governance dancing, it’s time to get back to the serious discussion about the narrowing onshore/offshore cost gap, and diversity in sourcing…. so let’s visit the final part of our recent interview with Madelein Smit, outsourcing head at the global logistics giant, CEVA Logistics

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