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It’s true! Freakonomics’ Stephen Dubner is coming to dreamSource…

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If you’ve ever had some to read Freakonomics, you’ll know how excited we are to announce that co-author Steven Dubner has agreed to speak at our dreamSource event this spring.


No Payne no Gain for a Chief Customer Officer… Part I

Bill Payne is Vice President, CRM and Industries at IBM Global Services

IBM’s Bill Payne talks to HfS about his refining vision for the future marketing function and, perhaps most importantly, how today’s businesses need to manage their most precious assets in the face of such fundamental change – their customers.

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HfS Market Index shows Outsourcing of IT and Business Processes to Grow by 4% in 2013

Jamie Snowdon is Applications Services guru, HfS (click for bio)

Yes, you heard it here first, folks: outsourcing expenditure is mushrooming at the warp-speed clip of 4% this year to surpass $950 Billion, and expected to average a 5% clip each year through 2017


HfS rated in the top right-hand-corner of analyst firms for influencing buyers and journalists


HFS Research was an outstanding performer in the Analyst Value Survey. Buyers of analysts’ services rate HFS Research as one of the most valuable providers, and one of a handful of firms whose influence grew most impressively in 2012


If outsourcing were an employee, it would be fired… Part 2

It's never too late to find redemption...

So if you haven’t been fired yet, here’s how to avoid it happening…


If outsourcing were an employee, it would be fired… Part 1


For those of you attending our dreamSource summit this Spring, Lee and I will co-host a session entitled “If outsourcing were an employee, it would be fired”. Lee, who today has built and now leads shared services for heathcare provider, Ascension Health, caught up with us last week to talk about the session and why we called it just that…


Why middle management is often as influential as the C-Suite when it comes to outsourcing


The official definition of insanity in sourcing: recounting how many times a service provider has said to you, “We’ve got to get to the C-suite to pitch innovative ideas because middle management is too risk adverse.”

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Genpact joneses after JAWOOD to capitalize on healthcare insurance mayhem

Tony Filippone

Get ready for the healthcare market to heat up over the next three years as a result of state health insurance market places, the rapid expansion of accountable care organizations, and ICD-10 implementations.

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Banking in 2013: Control freaks who just can’t let go face their toughest challenges yet

HFS' Michael Koontz, author of Business Services Outsourcing in Banking and Financial Services: 2013 Market Report (click to view)

Financial services are poised to have a huge year; there will be mergers, systems upgrades, global expansion and new product launches all designed to regain their positions as industry leaders.

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Replay of the HfS/KPMG Banking & Financial Services webinar


Missed last week’s Banking & Financial Services webinar? Well fret no more, as we have the replay now available for your viewing and a full slide deck for our premium research subscribers. Enjoy!

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