HfS Market Index shows Outsourcing of IT and Business Processes to Grow by 4% in 2013


Yes, you heard it here first, folks:  outsourcing expenditure is mushrooming at the warp-speed clip of 4% this year to surpass $950 Billion, and expected to average a 5% clip each year through 2017:

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How do we know all this?  

Because we have a super-brainy data guy called Jamie Snowdon leading our data and forecasting practice, where we pull together data from thousands of supplier contracts, revenue databases, inflation estimates, economic primers and – most importantly – from the thousands of buyers and other industry stakeholders, who have been so religiously responding to our ongoing surveys (we have data from over 3,ooo buyer spending intentions just from the last year).

Yes, we’re so excited about sizing and forecasting global outsourcing markets, we’re delivering to industry the quarterly HfS Market IndexTM that delves into all the ITO and BPO services markets by countries, verticals and discreet horizontal markets.

Why are we doing this?

Because noone else is doing it accurately.  When IDC claims China’s BPO market is $6bn, you just know something is a bit off…

Because we have such a strong day-to-day involvement into the worlds of the buyers, sellers and advisors of outsourcing.  We actually have some peculiar people on staff who wake up in the morning and think about process flowcharts before breakfast.

Because there is very little data out there which really reflects what is going on across outsourcing services, with reliable and realistic capabilities to forecast out four years.

Because we can.

How can you get access to it?

Sadly, we have long tried to run HfS as a non-profit charity, but we found life started getting a bit crappy when the heating got cut off in the offices and we were living off cans of Progresso soup.  So our research suibscribers will get the full benefit.  However, as good Samaritans, the first one is free – yay!  Go register on our site and download your copy now.  This offer will expire with one week, otherwise the only other option to get a free copy out of us is through bribery, extortion or heavy imbibement.

So click here to download your one and only free copy of the HfS Market IndexTM. Now

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  1. The recent trends show that companies are looking at more options for their IT sourcing strategies. It is highly important to get the IT sourcing mix right in the current scenario, as highlighted by this article. > http://bit.ly/WcFKfE

  2. My experience providing procurement services to clients suggest that a lot of the old paradigms still apply, except that now everyone has some experience of outsourcing (and hence some battle scars) colouring their views.

    We may be in a slightly different cycle now – with a lot of people looking to retender previous outsourced services and a move to breaking the monolithic outsources into “towers” – but the challenges are similar. Executives see a magic bullet, heads of department see empires under threat, no one quite sees all the hidden processes and activities that are actually there and can trip you up. Add to that the different terms of reference that people apply, so that you may not even refer to what you’re doing as an outsource even though it is. In the end, people and companies will frequently just reflexively approach outsourcing in the same way they’ve been approaching everything else and you often don’t know until five years later whether you got it right or not.

    It still comes down to getting a really clear picture of the environment and strategy, set clear goals and understand the constraints, and only then select outsourcing as an approach – and the type of outsource – that , eets the requirement.

    And the the hard work starts.

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