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What if everybody looked the same? Happy 2012 everyone


Some “horses” memories as a big chubby thank you for all of your support this year


Where did our passion go?


Let’s make 2012 the year of getting passionate again! Let’s dig deep to be honest with ourselves about what makes us get up in the morning – what makes us look forward to going to work again


The defining outsourcing moments of 2011


Well, another year goes by and HfS yet again escapes any legal action, terrorist attacks at our office, or disappearing bodies for being thoroughly unafraid to call the industry on its issues. So let’s reflect some of the defining moments of 2011


Infy procures Portland to soup up its sourcing

Do you procure this australian as your lawfully wedded category specialist?

InfosysBPO has made its first substantial investment in the sourcing and category management space, picking up the lead Australasian provider Portland Group for $37m.

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If you were too hungover to join our predictions webcast, here’s the replay and the deck


In case you missed our joint webcast with Ed Caso of Wells Fargo Securities on Friday, fear no more, as here’s the replay

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IBM embellishes its B2B commerce empire… by acquiring Emptoris


Emptoris’ well-regarded user interface and strong brand recognition among the procurement crowd make it an idea mate for IBM’s technology-driven focus and market leading procurement BPO capability. While the integration of Sterling, DemandTec, and Emptoris will take some time to become “smarter commerce”, there will be some immediate upsides.

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Announcing the HfS 50 Sourcing Blueprint Sessions


This is going to be a defining two-day working session for power-brokers of the outsourcing industry, where leading buyers of both ITO and BPO services will confront today’s critical issues impacting outsourcing, to establish a Blueprint for the industry in 2015. And this time, we will have a vendor/buyer face-off session where leaders from six of the major service providers will join the debate.


@The_Whole_Outsourcing_Industry: Labor arbitrage built your house of cards. #Bubble What’s next?

House of Cards

The outsourcing industry is a labor arbitrage bubble waiting to burst. And today’s smartest buyers and service providers are poised to fatally pop it and build a better future.


Congratulations to Tony “Governator” Filippone, HfS’ new Head of Research

Tony Filippone

Our core mantra at HfS has always been to tackle the issues and complexities of global sourcing through the eyes of the buyer. One analyst who has spent nine years of his life doing just that, leading BPO governance for the $62 Billion healthcare payor, WellPoint, is our Governator himself, Tony Filippone. No single person in 2011 has written to – or talked with – more buyers about their governance challenges, and we are delighted to reveal to the world today his elevation to Executive Vice President of HfS’ research team.


Join us next Friday for some perfect hangover fodder


We’ve teamed with our esteemed industry colleague Ed Caso, Managing Director and Senior Analyst for the IT/BPO Services Equity Research Team at Wells Fargo Securities, to review the world of outsourcing in 2011… and take a peek at what’s in store for 2012

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It may be for life, but will there be innovation, as TCS inks the mother of all insurance BPO deals

For better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, until many missed SLAs do us part.

TCS’ insurance services delivery subsidiary, Diligenta, has become wedded to in a 15-year, $2.2bn, 1900 employee life and pensions BPO engagement with the UK’s Friends Life. This represents the largest life and pensions BPO engagement by a considerable margin, eclipsing the $1.1bn Prudential contract awarded to Capita in 2007. We believe this move from TCS signals a sea-change in the industry with regards to the growth strategies and ambitions of the leading BPO providers.


In case you missed our “Kill the Sales Cheese” webcast, here’s the replay


In case you missed our “Kill the sales cheese” webcast, here’s the replay

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SAP + SuccessFactors = Great for SAP, but could restrict growth potential for the HR services industry

"I'll show you how I feel about your license model..."

With SAP’s move to “Cloudify” its software portfolio with the $3.4bn acquisition of the darling of HR software, SuccessFactors, we do not believe this is particularly good news for BPO service providers and services clients


Fed up with cheesy sales presentations? Well, here’s the web event you’ve been waiting for…

So how can you make the sales process smell less like a Wisconsin dairy farm? Easy – simply join us for our next web event

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