If you were too hungover to join our predictions webcast, here’s the replay and the deck


In case you missed our joint webcast with Ed Caso of Wells Fargo Securities on Friday, fear no more, as here’s the replay.  You can also download your copy of the slides here.

And if you can’t be bothered to listen to any of it, here were some of our predictions* highlights:

1. Outsourcing Providers will shy away from mega-mergers

2. European market going to be in limbo for first half of 2012 with limited major outsourcing contract signings, due to economic paralysis

3. Threat of recession will hold back one-in-four buyers from signing contracts until current economic uncertainty lifts

4. Buyers are looking more broadly than simply outsourcing to drive productivity improvements in today’s climate

5. Buyers will seek assistance from advisors with sourcing strategy, governance and Cloud

6. Focus shifts from cost savings to standardization, global flexibility and better technology

7. Many Advisors and Providers will still be overly-focused on Cost-Reduction for their clients, as opposed to process improvement and innovation

8. Global Companies need more Global Support

9. 2012 to be Year of the Mid-Market

10. Account Management of outsourcing to take Center Stage

* All these predictions have already expired and no longer valid

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