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Monthly Archives: January 2010

The Industry Speaks, Part III: Demand for outsourcing is reaching new heights, but will vendors disappoint?

What are customers intending to do this year with their outsourcing strategies? When when we spoke to 1055 customers, intermediaries and vendors across the global sourcing industry earlier this month, they gave us the real picture


The Industry Speaks, Part II: When the labor arbitrage deals dry-up (and they will), customers will select vendors that can deliver business-value beyond basic low-cost services

let’s talk about outsourcing vendors, and what on earth they are going to do when these tasty labor-arbitrage deals start to fizzle-out.


Want to know about global sourcing? Then we’ll lend you Anand…

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The Industry Speaks, Part I: it’s not all about cost anymore, outsourcing provides a powerful change-agent

So it’s time to drip-feed the intentions and experiences of 1055 buyers, intermediaries and vendors into the global sourcing industry.    We’ll be discussing the results from our “Seeking the New Normal in Outsourcing Delivery” in full at the Global Services Conference on 28th January, but the nuances behind why – and how – companies are exploring sourcing […]


Searching for the cloud? Then look to the Highlands…

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Alsbridge doubles-down on data-rich consulting with TAG acquisition


Weekend recap: the “new normal” in the outsourcing delivery business

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Adieu to a research legend


Getting even more Ruest… Part Dieu

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The great analyst roll-up is on… who’ll step into the void?


New Year’s outsourcing resolutions for service providers