Adieu to a research legend


Bruce RichardsonRight on cue with our discussion earlier this week, the "void" just got bigger as software analyst legend, Bruce Richardson, announced his departure from the analyst community to take on the role of Chief Strategy Officer at software giant Infor

Known in the industry as "Mr AMR", Bruce has entertained us for years with his famous "First Thing Monday" newsletter and blog.  I, personally, have Bruce to thank for bringing me back to the analyst fold with AMR in 2007, and being a guide and mentor to myself and many other analysts during his role as Chief Research Officer.

Like everyone else in the industry, I am hoping – and expecting - Bruce to continue enlightening us all with his weekly musings from the vendor side.  And I am sure even SAP and Oracle won't begrudge him what has become industry-standard with our Monday-morning espresso.  Who said you can't blog from the dark side?

Good luck Bruce – you ARE a legend 🙂

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  1. A shame for Gartner. Bruce would have been a great ambassador for the firm. The analyst industry is a lot worse-off for losing personalities like Bruce, unafraid to air their views. As you rightly point out, Phil, the void just got bigger!


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