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Harman, Tech Mahindra, IBM, Accenture and Atos leading the Internet of Things phenomenon


HfS Research unveils the first industry assessment of service provider performance and potential with IoT


IBM makes a meteoric rise into the HR-as-a-Service big three


Every HR head wants a Workday rollout... and every SI wants a SaaS services acquisition


Nasscom Wrap: Grasping for digital identity, but needing a dosa reality

Nasscom Wrap: Grasping for digital identity, but needing a dosa reality

I find myself feeling conflicted between excitement and frustration for the future of Indian-centric BPO services.


Why Accenture's acquisition of Cloud Sherpas is both an offensive and defensive move

Accenture acquires Cloud Sherpas

As-a-Service has to be all about empowering the client, not the consultant


Finally... #Digital is defined and HfS does the defining

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We couldn't take it anymore, so here is Digital defined in six layers of naked glory


Cognizant, Accenture, EXL, Concentrix, HGS and HP are the top healthcare payer performers


The 2015 Healthcare Payer Operations Blueprint report


Glenn gives us Government-as-a-Service (GaaS)

Glenn and Carol Davidson, the braintrusts of public sector operations

Glenn Davidson, at Accenture Federal Svs, discusses with HfS how Government-As-a-Service is shaking up public sector operations


Social intelligence and reputation are the keys to survival in this automating world


Welcome to the socially-intelligent workforce, where your reputation is everything


TCS, EXL, Concentrix and Infosys set the As-a-Service pace for Insurance

HfS-Blueprint Report-Insurance As-a Service

HfS Unveils the 2015 Insurance-as-a-Service Blueprint


Hello As-a-Service Economy, goodbye Outsourcing, Part 2

State of Denial

We need to reach that pivot-point where business leaders make real, definition investment actions to change their operations