GenAI will crash and burn


We’re sad to inform you all that the GenAI we have grown to love with such intensity will shortly crash and burn.  We’ve been here before, folks, when we called the death of RPA five years ago… and we are today calling the death of GenAI:

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So why is GenAI in a death spiral?

GenAI has simply become the new Digital.  The many billions every tech and services firm has claimed to be investing in GenAI has now evaporated in a puff of press releases, turgid conferences, and soul-crushing webcasts. They’re now claiming everything they once painted as digital is now getting a second coat of paint called GenAI.

Suddenly, every single executive from every single organization is talking as incessantly about GenAI as they used to about Digital.  And they are keeping a straight face while they do it.

But “What is the problem with this, Phil?  AI is changing everything about our world.” I hear you all collectively cry… so without further ado, let’s analyze brand-new data from our SuperGen study of 50,000 senior executives in big companies in the F5000.

HFS’ SuperGen study finally reveals the real truths behind the last 16 months of AI hysteria

Not content to simply jump on this hysterical AI bandwagon, HFS’s stubborn analyst team took it upon itself to launch the largest-ever study of GenAI adoption known to humankind. Here are some key highlights from the data findings we can exclusively reveal today:

  • 98% of executives claim to be rolling out GenAI initiatives.
  • 76% believe their GenAI initiatives are game-changing but won’t disclose what they are.
  • 91% of senior executives do not have a paid ChatGPT account.
  • 84% of senior executives with a paid ChatGPT account haven’t actually used it yet.
  • 85% of senior executives have only performed one prompt, which is to find out what ChatGPT says about them.
  • 97% of senior executives can’t actually define GenAI.
  • 63% believe Elon Musk and Jensen Huang are developing GenAI to control people’s minds with embedded Nvidia chips.
  • 34% believe Donald Trump will soon launch his own GenAI tool branded MagaGPT.
  • 88% believe President Biden would benefit from a GenAI chip implant.

Bottom-line:  With GenAI hitting the skids, what’s next?

We decided to consult the experts on what will replace GenAI and these many billions of dollars we’ve seen expended into the ether.

Jensen Huang and Jesse Lyu weigh in on the demise of GenAI

Firstly, we spoke to the new Steve Jobs… Rabbit’s Jesse Lyu has sent a thunderbolt of excitement into the industry with his revolutionary handheld product, RI.  “LLMs asked the questions, but LAMs will provide the real actions.  Fortunately, we’ve only just shipped out the first batch of Rabbits, so it’ll take a while for you all to realize the thing just adds yet another useless layer of application management.  But it’s a cute bunny, and I got you all excited and very rich at the same time, so what the hell.”

We then managed to get Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang himself to talk to us, and he was pretty candid, “We’ve made so many billions from GenAI that I realized it may evaporate once I ditched this leather jacket I’ve been wearing continuously the past few years.  So I’ve decided to invest in a super cool new bomber jacket to prepare for the next big thing… stay tuned, folks!”

Well, there we have it, everyone.  With GenAI about to die, we can only ask why….

And of course… this was an:

Please, please don’t tell me you fell for this again for the FIFTEENTH time!  …And I know many of you did =)

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