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  • GenAI or Die

    We've finally reached the point in our careers when we need to learn new and more ingenious ways of doing things. No more papering over the cracks, no more passing the problems onto someone else to fix. YOU are the problem that now needs fixing. Generative AI is your secret weapon. It tears down barriers, fuels innovation, and keeps you ahead of the curve. Adapt or perish – the choice is yours.Read More

  • Why actions will eat code

    March 07, 2024 | ,

    After a remarkable journey through the era of computerization and its remarkable contributions, we stand at a pivotal moment of innovation. It's time to bid farewell to a core element that has been instrumental in its success:  We must undertake a comprehensive reevaluation of our enterprise application suites and the ecosystem of coding that has been central to their development and support. Our future is all about visible actions and invisible technology...Read More

  • Francis chances with HFS!

    January 31, 2024 |

    We are thrilled to announce a significant addition to the HFS Research team, as we welcome Francis Carden as our new Chief Technology Evangelist. Francis brings with him a wealth of experience and expertise that will undoubtedly enhance our capabilities and benefit our clients. Francis brings four decades of invaluable experience in the realm of software automation, having co-founded successful companies such as Pixel Innovations and OpenSpan. In 2016, Pega acquired OpenSpan to launch its RPA capabilities, and Francis led Pega's digital automation and robotics business.Read More

  • Process intelligence unlocks faster and better innovation with GenAI

    January 15, 2024 | ,

    When enterprises define their GenAI adoption roadmap, they must consider the value process intelligence can deliver if they want the technology to reach its full potential. Celonis Founder Alex Rinke sat down with Phil Fersht to talk about the value of partnerships with the likes of of LLaMA and Hugging Face, so it might get even easier to infuse process intelligence with your Generative AI plans.Read More

  • IDP goes beyond document processing to unlock insights from masses of data

    HFS has published its first intelligent document processing (IDP) Horizons report covering the broad landscape of IDP vendors landscape engaging with major enterprises.Read More

  • Ravi explores this emerging jagged technology frontier enhanced by GenAI

    November 05, 2023 | ,

    Phil Fersht talks Ravi Kumar on how he is shaping things up at Cognizant in light of the opportunities and potential threats posed by GenAI.Read More

  • Service providers are investing ahead of the curve in GenAI, but are enterprises truly ready to partner with them?

    Which of today's leading service providers have the real chops to provide GenAI value at scale?  Who's actively backing up their big rhetoric with real know-how and capability?  Well... after an exhausting process of researching the 35 market leaders, their customers and partners, we can provide the industry's first real view of how the GenAI services landscape is shaking out.Read More

  • As ChatGPT goes Enterprise, here are Ten GenAI Reality Checks you need to take…

    September 03, 2023 | , ,

    Barely ten months after its birth changed the world of technology, OpenAI unleashes ChatGPT Enterprise, where enterprises now have "Enterprise-grade security and privacy, unlimited higher-speed GPT-4 access, longer context windows for processing longer inputs, advanced data analysis capabilities, customization options, and much more." Assuming the 20 enterprises that road-tested ChatGPT Enterprise experienced these benefits in double-quick time, you have to take a serious look at scaling up GenAI tools or risk getting left behind with the most hyped technology since the Internet came to be... here are 10 reality checkpoints you must consider Read More

  • The hegemony-obsessed platform economy is scouting for credible provider partners

    August 20, 2023 | ,

    The last decade-plus has seen the ascendancy of platform businesses like Uber, Netflix, Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Spotify and today, six of the top 10 global businesses by market capitalization are platform businesses. The Services for the Platform Economy, 2023 Horizons report covers seven notable providers helping their platform clients efficiently run operations, expand business, and realize value.Read More

  • GenAI is meaningless, unless it is toasted

    August 06, 2023 |

    The tech world must convince people how amazing the GenAI experience is to them, genuinely demonstrating how they can immerse themselves in a new technology that everyone can immerse into their daily lives.  GenAI may not be toasted, but it can make you happy.Read More