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Why Senator Schumer’s proposed call center tax is detrimental and unproductive for the US economy

When is comes to “bringing US jobs back onshore”, we repeatedly seem to get all sorts of legislation that, quite simply, is focused on restricting our busineses’ competitiveness, when we should be looking at helping them invest in new talent and entrepreneurialism, rather than penalizing them for trying to be competitive in today’s global environment


A US onshore view of Schumer’s offshore-tax proposals: “A no-win approach for tapping the strength of the US-based outsourcing industry”

The majority of the viewpoints convey concern and confusion regarding the implications of Senator Schumer’s proposals. However, one opinion does standout, coming from a gentleman called Skip Womack, who heads up the US onshore IT outsourcing provider, Advantage Outsourcing, based in Wichita, in the Midwest.

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Cog and Gen getting it on? Naaaahhhhh

Lots of frantic noise this week that Cog has been making romantic overtones to Genpact – with India’s press jumping on speculation. Like any other industry observer, you can certainly see lots of romantic potential here – Wall Street’s darlings of BPO and ADM tying the knot to frighten the life out of Accenture, IBM, Infosys et al. HoweverI’m afraid this one just ain’t gonna happen anytime soon


Clarifying the Chucky chop shop issue: what should the US government do?

What options could the US government consider, if it wants to “stop” Indian IT services firms bringing temporary IT staff over to the US, and create an environment for fostering onshore technology employment and innovation?


Merriam-Webster to remove the term Outsourcing for IT and Business Services


Pressure from buyers to create more accurate terminology for what we commonly, but incorrectly, term as “outsourcing” for IT and business processes has spurred dictionary publisher, Merriam-Webster, to remove the term in their next edition


Why Chuck needs to get the chop

Senator Charles E. Schumer, not content with ludicrous attempts to tax the US consumer for taking an offshore call, has continued his personal tirade against the use of offshore services, by pushing through legislation to add a further $2,000 tax for an H-1B visa application, and $2,250 more for an L-1 visa application