A US onshore view of Schumer’s offshore-tax proposals: “A no-win approach for tapping the strength of the US-based outsourcing industry”


New York Senator, Charles E. Schumer

Thanks for so many of the comments, calls and emails we received after our recent post discussing “Why Senator Schumer’s proposed call center tax is detrimental and unproductive for the US economy”.  The majority of the viewpoints convey concern and confusion regarding the  implications of the proposals – I’ll let you read on for yourselves.  However, one opinion did standout, coming from a gentleman called Skip Womack, who heads up the US onshore IT outsourcing provider, Advantage Outsourcing, based in Wichita, in the Midwest. 

Now, you really wouldn’t blame guys like Skip for supporting Chuck’s anti-offshoring measures, but it’s refreshing to learn that many of them (and it’s not only Skip), believe the US onshore outsourcing industry – and not only call center – can prosper without such punitive attempts at firms leveraging offshore services:

“This post has captured some great insight into what I strongly believe is a no-win approach for tapping the strength of the US based outsourcing industry. America’s onshore service providers can succeed and prosper without Senator Schumer’s proposed tax legislation and regulations targeted to offshore firms. As noted in this post, many of the best-in-class call centers are located in low cost, high productivity centers in more rural sections of the US. There is no doubt that the US based worker can effectively compete for business and deliver service excellence. Moreover, I see a recent significant shift in the broader, IT Services market as well.

“There is a growing interest among CIOs and business leaders for a new type of outsourcing partner who can tap the strengths of the technology savvy American workforce based in locations where the work ethic and culture foster service excellence in a cost effective manner.

“To meet with this new demand I formed Advantage Outsourcing with Marc Sumner, and based it in Wichita. Being in the heart of the mid-western community, where we believe a handshake still means something, was paramount to our company’s vision. It is our goal to gain community support and create jobs in our market with a highly specialized network of business technology professionals who share our passion for client service, saving our client’s time, money and effort.

“While Senator Schumer may think he is trying to help the American workforce be competitive, I think he underestimates the talent, technology and work ethic that makes the US onshore solution the one to beat.”

Skip Womack is President and CEO, Advantage Outsourcing.


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