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If there’s something strange with your processes, who ya gonna call? Ghoshbusters…

Afraid of no processes:  Genpact's solution head Shantanu Ghosh

Anyone close to business services over the last decade would have crossed paths with one little guy with a huge brain: Genpact’s Shantanu Ghosh.


So if the rockstars have gone, what’s left in the analyst industry?


Most of the big analyst personalities have seemingly fled the analyst industry… many for the riches on offer from their vendor clients, clearly seeing more ROI from employing them, as opposed to purchasing their firm’s services. However, this hasn’t prevented the remaining legacy purveyors of analyst services from making a living.


Hear Phil Fersht talk to Bill Kutik about analysts, HR and outsourcing…

Click to listen at noon Eastern time today

Hear Phil Fersht talk to Bill Kutik about analysts, HR and outsourcing…

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Achieving new-world innovation: promote your innermost qualities to the world unashamedly

Achieving new-world innovation: promote your innermost qualities to the world unashamedly

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Is the day of the rock star analyst officially over?


There’s been a lot of backchannel lately regarding high profile analyst departures to vendor organizations, with Thomas Otter, Gartner’s hugely popular VP for Human Capital Management, hopping to SAP’s recent acquisition, SuccessFactors.


Why American firms are more progressive with outsourcing than the Europeans and Asians

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Why is it always the Americans at the head of the queue when it comes to increasing quarterly profit margins? But, even more intriguingly, why are they also leading the way when it comes to attempting to improve their capabilities when they outsource? Our recent State of Outsourcing Study 2013, conducted with the support of KPMG, clearly shows the differing mission-critical business motivations across the main three global regions, when it comes to outsourcing


The dreamSource countdown continues… Meet Mads (Part II)

Madelein Smit is ready for dreamSource... are YOU?

If you have recovered from the mental impairment caused by the really awful governance dancing, it’s time to get back to the serious discussion about the narrowing onshore/offshore cost gap, and diversity in sourcing…. so let’s visit the final part of our recent interview with Madelein Smit, outsourcing head at the global logistics giant, CEVA Logistics

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The dreamSource countdown… Meet Mads

Madelein Smit is VP, Outsourcing at CEVA Logistics

Step-up Madelein “Mads” Smit, head of both IT and F&A outsourcing for CEVA Logistics


Outsourcing Executives: What’s your career narrative?

Deborah Kops is, always was, and always will be, Deborah Kops (click for bio)

I’m obsessed by careers. I spend time trying to make sense of the various and sundry twists and turns that the life’s work of those in our industry seem to take. And I look closely for patterns.


Innovation discovered… on the London Underground

Innovation discovered… on the London Underground

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Phil Fersht re-instated as CEO of HfS, despite his April-foolery

Please tell us you didn't fall for it again?

Isn’t it amazing how someone can pull off a prank on 1st April every year and STILL many of you fall for it?

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Phil Fersht steps down as HfS CEO

Members of the HfS analyst team remain focused, despite their wayward leader

After more than three years at the helm of research organization HfS Research, Phil Fersht will be stepping down as CEO to “pursue other interests”. The HfS advisory board is meeting later this week to discuss potential replacements.