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Poole’s patter, Part II: Virtualized delivery – the “O” is not a prerequisite


The actual process of “outsourcing” operations is fast becoming moot – this transfer of labor, technology and domain acumen is no longer needed in many of these business process engagements, because the provider already brings these qualities to the table.


It’s time to stop knocking Orlando… where else can we find innovation?


After many lost nights’ sleep trying to seek out that elusive morsel of innovation, it has finally dawned on us: where better to look than the Magic Kingdom? So after writing a personal letter of apology to both Jeb Bush and Mickey Mouse (was an easy copy/paste) we are delighted to announce that HfS is making an Orlando tribute tour to SSON’s magical 16th Annual Shared Services & Outsourcing Week


Forget gain-sharing, start with penalty-sharing…


In order to reach a common state of gain-sharing and incentive bonuses with your provider, start penalizing each other first…

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More P’s and less Zzzz’s – Say hello to Proxima and Procurian!

Buying Team becomes "Proxima", ICG Commerce,"Procurian"

Pure-play procurement outsourcing heats up, triggering two name changes among procurement-focused service providers


Poole’s patter, Part I: Forget about the “O”, let’s have more of the “V”

Many of you will remember one of the legends of BPO, David Poole, who’s spent much of his career fighting BPO crime on the streets of Chicago for Capgemini. He was also a founding member of PwC’s global BPO business prior to IBM acquiring their operations, having made a significant contribution to the development of the global BPO industry, crafting several major global engagements since the early ‘90s. Here’s Part I, where he discusses future of BPO having less to do with outsourcing and much more to do with venturing – a blurring of the lines between the client and the provider.


Are YOU ready to re-define sourcing? Then join the biggest and baddest bevy of buyers in NYC this April


After one year, our elite peer group of sourcing buyers has doubled in size – making this our biggest, baddest and most discussion-rich meeting to date.

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Nearshore Nexus… not to be nixed

Kirk Laughlin is beaming up the nearshore superstars in New York on April 19th... click to register

Kirk Laughlin is beaming up the nearshore superstars in New York on April 19th

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Why Oracle’s acquisition of Taleo shifts the innovation onus onto the service providers

When I watch Oracle and SAP rapidly clean up whatever application is left on the market worth buying, my heart sinks for the future of the enterprise software business. For Oracle and SAP, it’s all about maintaing the status quo and growing their considerable license revenue streams. They know they have to be seen to embrace the Cloud, but all they really care about is protecting their customer bases and preventing upstart vendors sneaking in to disrupt their revenue model. And can you really blame them? It’s economics one-on-one…


India’s Sourcing Leaders: The new Phoenicians?

"We'll give you maximo innovation at the lowest prices..."

The Phoenicians were among the greatest entrepreneurs of their time who dominated the trade of the ancient world and founded colonies throughout the Mediterranean. We will never see the likes of them in the modern business world, where a nation of business hungry folk could possibly develop their own real estate within today’s Global 2000 organizations through savvy barter of their own wares. Or will we?


Don’t fire your contract lawyers just yet…


Don’t fire your contract lawyers just yet…

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Are you achieving sourcing success with your finance? ACCA and HfS have teamed up to find out…

Are you achieving sourcing success for your finance function?  Click to take part in our survey

HfS Research has partnered with ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) to conduct the largest-ever global study of finance professionals to understand adoption trends, experiences and dynamics of shared services and outsourcing for the finance function.


Obama’s in-sourcing initiative: does it have the teeth to rescue the US IT industry?

Wonder if I'll get an invitation to Nasscom?

As per usual, election year brings up the age-old argument about how to combat the “threat” of outsourcing. Isn’t now the time, in an election year, to stop the rhetoric and actually make commitments to growing local industries that have a direct impact?