Nearshore Nexus… not to be nixed


When it comes to nearshore, anyone in the know knows Kirk Laughlin and his nearshore news site Nearshore Americas… and we’re excited to let you know that HfS is being beamed up to lead the key session at Kirk’s annual nearshore sourcing shindig, aptly named Nearshore Nexus:

The conference will feature over 20 speakers, including top CIOs, sourcing advisors and also welcomes delegates from more than 15 countries in the region. Special features include:

  • Keynote presentation by Mr. Alvaro Uribe, Former President of the Republic of Colombia (2002-2010).
  • A “Buyers’ Super Session”, featuring deep analysis of costs, contracts and benchmarks, led by our own Esteban Herrera, COO at HfS Research.
  • Panel sessions on Vendor Management in a multi-provider, multi-geographic environments; selecting sites for new operations in Latin America and overall drivers and risk around doing business in Latin America.
  • Dedicated sessions on Sourcing to Mexico and Sourcing to Brazil.
  • Nexus “After Dark” featuring live entertainment at the conclusion of the conference.

Kirk Laughlin is beaming up the nearshore superstars in New York on April 19th… click to register

The Venue:

April 19, 2012  at the Crowne Plaza, Times Square, New York City

The Full Agenda:

Please click here to see the full agenda

Special offer for HfS Subscribers:

Outsourcing clients and decision makers can obtain an all-access conference pass at no charge! In order to register, click here to go to this web page and type in code: MDUX10

For full conference information, visit:

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  1. The Esteban panel on “Costs, Contracts and Benchmarks” is certain to be stimulate some productive debate! Thanks HFS for the collaboration – and outsourcing buyers, CIOs, procurement managers – seats are going fast. Join us – register today.