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The Industry Speaks about Cloud, Part III: business and IT finally agree – IT must tool-up to enable cloud business services

Savvy CIOs are developing themselves into Cloud-enablers by honing their sourcing and service integration skills. Our Cloud Business Services study, conducted in conjunction with the Outsourcing Unit at the London School of Economics, contrasts many differing views and expectations from business and IT executives about Cloud business services… however, both sides do agree on one thing—the crucial enablement role that IT executives must adopt to provision Cloud business services.


Everything you ever needed to know about today’s Finance and Accounting Outsourcing industry… but were afraid to ask

Phil Fersht will reveal new HfS Research industry findings from its 2010 FAO deal review and present the views and intentions of several hundred HfS research subscribers. Stan Lepeak, Claudio Altini and Rick Bertheaud will give you the low-down from their client discussions, in addition to revealing some snippets from their brand new FAO service provider performance study.


Learn how to assemble an airplane in mid-air… and become a Shared Services Outsourcing Professional

It’s time to learn-up and sign-on to the SSON Managed Certification® and Online Learning Program, which kicks off its second session next Monday 29th November. And we’ve arranged for HfS subscribers to enjoy a 10% discount

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Tread Carefully Through Europe

Buyers care where their providers are because stability, talent pool, infrastructure and the business and legal environment, determine how successful the relationship is going to be. Central and Eastern Europe is a fragmented region where cost, quality and scale varies.


Cutting to the chase with Capgem’s Chris Stancombe

Did you hear that one about the British geophysicist who became an accountant, ran an African engineering business, has been a COO, CIO and CFO, before winding his way into the sourcing business with Accenture, and subsequently Capgemini, where he helped jump-start their BPO business? Today, Chris Stancombe has worked in BPO for nearly a decade, and now heads Capgemini’s Global Finance and Accounting Outsourcing practice.


Meeting even those simple metrics can sometimes be a challenge…

even your granny could have put that one away…

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Outsourcing: no fun for the soon forgotten

Outsourcing is the only business change I know where employees are told their jobs are moving offshore, yet they are expected be good really sports and continue to process checks/answer calls/manage claims until the day they are escorted out the door, personal effects in arms. And our managers think their “restructuring” tasks are over, and it’s on to making sure the transition doesn’t go pear-shaped.


The social sourcing train is leaving the station. Are you on it?

People are increasingly demanding their daily serving of content served up in more digestible and less headache-inducing chunks, as our latest industry-wide study reveals, where more than 1000 study participants across the sourcing industry have voiced the increasing importance of blogs and social media as one of their preferred learning tools for Cloud Business Services.


“Honestly, history tells us the act of outsourcing doesn’t save money…” Gartner Group

This morning I nearly choked on my cornflakes to the incredible revelation in from analyst firm, Gartner Group, that outsourcing doesn’t save money.


The speculation over Genpact’s future spells crunch-time for the future of BPO

Serious questions are now being asked of the leading service providers jostling for marketshare and position in the BPO business. Some providers are growing frustrated, and beginning to question whether they got their approach to BPO right. And the current speculation over Genpact ‘s future is forcing many of the BPO wannabes to gaze deeply into their navels to decide whether they want to get really serious about BPO. There’s been a lot of chest-beating, a lot of marketing, a lot of huff and puff right across the industry… now’s the time to see who’s really going to step it up.


Get your governance right in 15 minutes with Stan and Esteban

Still struggling to find that right governance model? Well you’ll probably still be after listening to this, but they’ll at least validate all the things that you should be doing, which you know you should probably doing, and are probably not, for whatever reason, but would love to if you could just get your boss to listen to you.

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The Industry Speaks about Cloud, Part II: business execs fear its impact on work culture; IT execs doubt their ability to drive competitive advantage

The Cloud Business Services study we just conducted, in conjunction with the Outsourcing Unit at the London School of Economics, has served up some contrasting concerns that business executives are having versus their IT counterparts: its impact on work culture and it’s impact on the value of the current IT department.


Mahindra Satyam eyes big comeback

While the rest of the outsourcing world has been carrying on through challenging times, the most challenged of its citizens, Mahindra Satyam, has been quietly rebuilding a global business under the charismatic and candid leadership of Atul Kunwar.

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HfS Research aligns with the stars with Ray Wang

Today, Ray announced the launch of a very exciting new research venture entitled Constellation Research, which comprises a collection of really smart and remarkable individuals and friends who are – quite literally – changing the way market research and insight is being served up to the technology buyer. HfS Research is delighted to be the alliance partner of IT sourcing and BPO research to Constellation’s buy-side community, where we’ll be cross-pollinating some research with each other and coollaborating to help educate the sourcing buyer make better decisions.

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Benchmarker Beware!

Benchmarking is a misused and misunderstood tool in outsourcing. Almost everybody’s contract has a provision for benchmarking, and in almost all cases is drives the wrong behavior for both parties


Service Integration: Guy Fawkes fireworks or damp squib?

As HfS Research’s Euan Davis readies for his annual trip to a bonfire, he muses on fireworks–municipal ones and the type he expected at a session about service integration last night, at PA Consulting Group’s SSON networking evening

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Phil and Esteban—Desperately Seeking Innovation

What are you desperately seeking? Rosanna was Desperately Seeking Susan. Phil and Esteban? If you know them like we do, you know they’re Desperately Seeking Innovation.

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A healthcare BPO summit… with Sumit

Healthcare has been on everyone’s minds in the US, in the wake of the acrimonious legislative fight and with the recent elections. And when any industry gets the squeeze, us sourcing-folk immediately think “hmmm, will they now do some outsourcing…

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Deborah Kops, delightful doyenne and describer, joins the HfS research family

Over the next year, you’ll be able to sample some of the most innovative thinking in sourcing change through Deborah Kops’ frequent columns and commentary exclusively for HfS Research


The Industry Speaks about Cloud, Part I: Business execs are buying-in to Cloud even more than their IT counterparts

Cloud Business Services are no longer hype – both business and IT executives are buying-into the value Cloud can bring to their jobs and their organizations. The ability to access business applications quicker, faster, cheaper and in a virtual business environment are the major drivers – and it’s the business side of the house which is even more engaged by the potential value that the IT-side.