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Monthly Archives: March 2009

Keeping it onshore: an interview with Mark Vengroff

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Blogs and Research on outsourcing: are you getting what you need?

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It’s not too late to come to SIG

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Being middle-seated… all the way to Orlando


Think before your retain: is IT impeding many companies’ survival in this economy?


Outsourced from Africa

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Outsourced from Africa

We’re seeing some very interesting locations get themselves onto the global sourcing map. Enter South Africa and the picturesque coastal hub of Cape Town, which is primed to challenge for UK and European IT and BPO services

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Global business on a Knife-edge: Bonuses, H-1Bs and Naïve Protectionism


Join the Horses… in Budapest

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Guatemala: Bananas, Green Tomatoes… and BPO

We’ve been debating the opportunities for Latin American countries to take on BPO work for a while now, and spending a few days in Guatemala has confirmed – beyond doubt – the potential of the region.  I had the pleasure of visiting Capgemini’s facility, which is quickly ramping up customer-facing F&A work for Coca-Cola Enterprises (which we picked […]


Outsourcing is not for wimps


Imitation is the greatest form of flattery

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HR outsourcing in this recession… why this makes sense for many global firms

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Where should outsourcing vendors invest their marketing dollars in this climate?


Chance to meet me…

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Time to offshore the law