Blogs and Research on outsourcing: are you getting what you need?


Reports When I made the move back to research from the sourcing advisor world last January, many of you may recall providing input into what research you wanted.  This blog has proved to be a great medium for driving debate and cultivating ideas – in fact, someone even said recently this was becoming the "Huffington Post" of the sourcing industry. 

But blogs are not research reports, they let you test the temperature, get the high-level insight, but not always the deep-dive data points that we all need to base decisions.  I wanted to share with you some research highlights we've been putting out at AMR Research over the last year or so, and would love to get more feedback from you on what you want to see in the coming months:

Most multinational organizations have access to our subsciptions, but drop me a mail if you need some help here. 

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  1. Phil, I’d love to see much more in-depth coverage of the entire HRM software and delivery system landscape, but that may not fit AMR’s business model. I would certainly highlight, to the end-user community with which I’m in touch, on the blog I’m launching this summer as well as everywhere else that I have a presence, the addition of another focused body of research in my space.

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