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Monthly Archives: January 2008

Is the financial services sector finally warming to BPO?


Offshoring Secrets

As I’ve mentioned before, I admire people with the dedication and focus to write a book… especially one about their experiences of offshoring.  Step up Utkarsh Rai, who heads up India operations for Infinera, an optical transmission equipment supplier, after starting his career working for Siemens in India in the ’80s and spending time in […]

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What outsourcing research does the industry need?


Going back to my roots


Why we’re seeing virtually no consolidation among large outsourcing suppliers


How to let your opponent win

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H1B Visas: the $12,000 question

This H1B argument just isn’t holding up: one key reason is the fact that the average salary differential between a “domestic” worker and his/her supplanted job to an H1B worker is….$12,000 per annum.


Procurement outsourcing chatter

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2008 Presidential Update: The Outsourcing Industry speaks out


Just stop and smell the roses

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My 10 cents on HR and seats at tables

In a world of rampant change, where firms are constantly globalizing, restructuring, outsourcing, divesting and acquiring, the need for the operational executor has never been so intense


The worst mistakes companies make when they evaluate BPO – and how to avoid them (Part I)

Yes, BPO can offer firms cost savings and the opportunity to add rigor and standardization to their processes. However, if you don’t go about evaluating it correctly, you may never get the chance to find out


A great debate on HR

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And if a sourcing advisor was elected President…

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China and BPO? Don’t bet your mortgage on it

China has potential to develop a compelling BPO industry, but there are many obstacles the country needs to combat, in order to develop this beyond an industry that is merely serving a sub-region.