Going back to my roots


Amrlogo_2  I am returning to my analyst roots with AMR Research, where I will be studying Outsourcing and Implementation Services markets for AMR’s enterprise clients.

Those of you who know me well, will remember I spent the first 10 years of my career in the analyst community, before moving into the outsourcing advisory world three years’ ago.  I have found the practical experience of working on outsourcing and offshoring engagements extremely valuable, but always wanted to go back to my analyst roots at some stage (it kinda gets into your DNA…).  AMR sets such a high standard with its research, has some of the finest analyst minds in the industry, and is in my adopted home town of Boston.  Moreover, I am delighted to end my days of waking up every morning in airport Marriotts, stuffing free beer from the concierge lounge in my laptop bag each evening, and getting back to what I love doing best 🙂  But I do have some pretty decent frequent flyer status…..

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  1. Congratulations Phil!

    The market is better off for you having had experiences on multiple sides of the outsourcing equation (sourcing advisor, consultant, analyst). The work/life balance alone makes this decision an easy one, but when combined with AMR, I’m even more excited for you and the industry at large. Best of luck and happy birthday old man!


  2. Phil,

    I echo Mark’s comments here – there is a huge gap on the analyst side for people like you who have got real down-and-dirty experience of outsourcing. AMR must be very happy to have you onboard – it’s going to be great seeing you back working for a great research firm. Gartner can’t be pleased 🙂


    oh – and happy birthday you old fart

  3. You can take the boy out of the analyst firm, but you can’t take the analyst out of the boy. ;->

    Best of luck in the new gig. It was a coup for AMR to grab you.

  4. Phil,

    Congrats. AMR is a class act. Great research, great people, great culture. Also, hopefully you can work closely with Mickey North Rizza and begin to tackle procurement outsourcing coverage as well!

    PS … you’ll still find yourself taking the beer when the occasion presents itself. Course of habit …

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