2008 Presidential Update: The Outsourcing Industry speaks out


Thanks to all of you who took the time to vote in our poll "Who whould you LEAST like to see in the White House in November 2008".  We’ve had over 100 responses back, so I thought it time to update you all that Hillary, on the back of her sensational comeback in New Hampshire, is again leading the charge… yes, she is currently the overwhelming favorite NOT to be the next President.  McCain is the least offensive, but the Obama vote picked up recently, as several of you started to panic at the thought of this guy in the oval office.Interim_results_2  Anyhow, keep the votes and comments coming (just click on your least desirables on the poll on the left-hand scrollbar).


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  1. Mit Romney is my favorite one to hate. He disavowed just about everything he campaigned on when running for Gov of MA. He is a what does this group want to hear.

    I would like to see Hillary elected. That way we will have 2 presidents in the White House. For that a two for.

  2. That says more about who is taking your poll than where the country is going. Hillary Clinton could well be the next president. National surveys show her negatives are about on par with McCain’s, and are far exceeded by Romney and Giuliani.

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