Ray Kurzweil to Keynote the HFS Spring Summit 2024!

Generative AI has become core to our very future and how we interact with the Internet. It is forcing us to unlearn the habits of our lifetimes, continually generate new ideas, and relearn new ways of doing things.

It’s what inspired us at HFS to trademark The Generative EnterpriseTM and rethink how value is being created across enterprise ecosystems as AI is increasingly able to mimic human behavior and make us so much slicker and smarter at what we do.

To this end, we are just so thrilled to announce Ray Kurzweil as our first confirmed keynote at the HFS Spring Summit 2024, scheduled to take place from May 8th to May 9th in New York.

Ray Kurzweil is one of the world’s leading inventors, thinkers, and futurists, with a 30-year track record of accurate predictions, including the age of mobile computing, digital books, wearables, self-driving cars, and high-speed wireless data transmission. Called “the restless genius” by The Wall Street Journal and “the ultimate thinking machine” by Forbes magazine, HFS is thrilled to welcome Ray to the stage this May.

Ray was the principal inventor of the first CCD flat-bed scanner, the first omni-font optical character recognition, the first print-to-speech reading machine for the blind, the first text-to-speech synthesizer, the first music synthesizer capable of recreating the grand piano and other orchestral instruments, and the first commercially marketed large-vocabulary speech recognition software.

Ray Kurzweil, author of The Singularity Is Near (2005), and his forthcoming book, The Singularity Is Nearer, will be released in the summer of 2024

Ray has written five national best-selling books, including The Singularity Is Near (2005) and How To Create A Mind (2012), both New York Times bestsellers, and Danielle: Chronicles of a Superheroine, winner of multiple young adult fiction awards. His forthcoming book, The Singularity Is Nearer, will be released in the summer of 2024. He is a Principal Researcher and AI Visionary at Google, looking at the long-term implications of technology and society.

This summit promises to be an exceptional gathering of industry leaders and innovators across industries, providing valuable insights into the latest trends and technologies across emerging technology and IT/business services—a rare chance to network and meet face-to-face with fellow decision-makers and influencers.

For more information on sponsorship opportunities and early registration, please visit https://www.hfsresearch.com/summits/ or reach out to us at [email protected].

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to welcoming you in New York for this extraordinary event.


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