Meet our engineering genie… and her name is Nandini

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Anyone tracking HFS will have noticed some terrific new brains join us over the past couple of years from all over the world, but one area we have been really keen to bolter is engineering services.  And we’ve been lucky enough to hire a smiling insomniac in Nandini Tare, who’s helped us grow our practice and coverage significantly, especially with her recent flagship Horizons report on Digital Engineering Service Providers.

So let’s hear from her directly what makes her tick and her views in the industry…

Hi Nandini – you’ve been causing quite the excitement for HFS over in India in the year you’ve been with us.  Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?  What gets you up in the morning?

On the professional front, Phil, I have been in research and consulting for almost 15 years. I started my research career in the automotive sector and now have about 3 areas of expertise under my wing. It has been an exciting journey so far, engaging with business leaders and talking about changing technology landscapes. The world is moving at such a fast pace, and everyone is trying to play catch up. I can’t help but quote Leena Nair the global CEO of CHANEL, ‘Don’t wait for the storms to pass, learn to dance in the rain.’

On a personal front, travel is my weakness. I find traveling an opportunity to engage in experiences that bring me inspiration and keep me motivated. I recently started on a fitness journey that has me up and running in the mornings. The endorphins keep me going. I am hoping to get certified as a coach in the future hopefully! And when I manage to get some free time, I ride my Royal Enfield Classic 500.

So why an analyst?  Is this something you always wanted to do as a profession, or did you just fall into it by circumstance? 

I believe I had the skills but didn’t tap into them early, but I forayed into industries accidentally. By no means am I an engineer, but I know how engineering impacts businesses.  After experimenting with various roles from pre-sales to operations to consulting in my early career, I later chose to play by my strengths. It was a wholesome transition. The early experiments in my career gave me first-hand experience and widen my thought process. This experience has helped me analyze a subject or a topic from all angles and then conclude my opinion.

So what makes a good analyst, in your opinion?

An independent voice and an ability to be unbiased.  I feel these two qualities can set an analyst apart from the regular crowd. Believing in the research and methodology one has created and proudly owns it. One can develop skills to be an SME, but providing an unbiased opinion is a conscious effort.

You’ve clearly demonstrated an aptitude for covering engineering markets… what’s so exciting about them, Nandini

The whole ecosystem is getting connected. Businesses now have access to the latest and greatest technologies to reduce costs and make themselves profitable. The influx of IoT, AI, Robotics, 3D printing, 5G, Cloud, and emerging technologies like Blockchain, Metaverse, Digital Twin, etc. are impacting the consumption side and changing the way traditional business functions. Businesses are now spending on R&D to identify early-stage use cases and commercialize them to bring themselves to the forefront of the industry. All these changes must be a steady progression. ER&D is set to expand as it further gains acceptance in outsourcing and digital engineering. While all of this has me excited, I have intentionally kept generative AI out of this conversation as we would never stop discussing it and arrive at a conclusion on its influence on the ways of working.

And what do you think we’ll be talking about in 2 years time in this space?

Digital engineering services, as most of us would agree, have largely been known for building new products and solutions, Phil. The current set of available technologies has improved business efficiencies, augmented the speed at which a product is brought to the market, and aided product as a service. There is a small portion of the industry that is already talking about how digital engineering is advancing digital transformation strategy to business transformation. One would see a reduction in the lift and shift process and an increase in well-thought-through utilization of technologies to bring true value to the business. It would be interesting to see how service providers and enterprises develop a purpose-led ecosystem and outcome-based pricing. One would also see businesses engaging with niche players to build capabilities to provide enhanced customer experience. Overall, I see this space growing in the next few years.

Thanks for your time today, and looking forward to the next big insights, Nandini!

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