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  • Meet our engineering genie… and her name is Nandini

    April 23, 2023 | ,

    Anyone tracking HFS will have noticed some terrific new brains join us over the past couple of years from all over the world, but one area we have been really keen to bolter is engineering services.  And we were lucky enough to hire a smiling insomniac in Nandini Tare, who's helped us grow our practice and coverage significantly, especially with her recent flagship Horizons report on Digital Engineering Service Providers.So let's hear from her directly what makes her tick and her views in the industry...Read More

  • HFS Horizons: Digital Engineering Service Providers, 2023

    The HFS Horizons: Digital Engineering Service Providers, 2023 report examines service providers’ roles in digital engineering aligning enterprise objectives with service provider value. We assessed 25 service providers across their value propositions (the why), execution and innovation capabilities (the what), go-to-market strategy (the how), and market impact criteria (the so what) to best understand and plot the value they offer to their digital engineering clients.Read More

  • Making Industry 4.0 Real For Manufacturers

    January 12, 2017 |

    Industry 4.0 has become a buzzword in the manufacturing industry today. There is a reason for it. There has not been a full-scale change in the way we manufacture goods since the days of Henry Ford.Read More