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  • One small hop for tech, one giant leap for mankind… can Rabbit’s Large Action Model disrupt how we get things done?

    Large Action Models (LAM) are the most exciting development in AI evolution since ChatGPT was launched. Having an AI assistant not dependent on islands of apps that do not integrate with each other is everything we've been crying out for... But the future potential of LAMs is a lot bigger than addressing this burning problem plaguing our smartphone lives - it also has significant implications for the future of enterprise tech.  It's just incredible that while Google, Meta, Microsoft, et al. are all working on the evolution of LLMs toward actions and problem-solving, a startup like Rabbit is allegedly ahead of them.Welcome and step forward Jesse Lyu, who could well be the new Chinese Steve Jobs.Read More

  • Only humans can make AI ‘ethical’. Machines make it transparent and accurate

    January 18, 2024 | ,

    Many tech firms and service providers have done themselves no favors by lumping ethics in the same ‘AI governance’ bucket as accuracy and transparency. In doing so, they have muddied the waters. Ethics, accuracy, transparency, and openness are fundamentally different. Hard-coding ethics into AI could prove an extraordinarily arrogant and risky thing for any human to attempt today. Read More

  • Process intelligence unlocks faster and better innovation with GenAI

    January 15, 2024 | ,

    When enterprises define their GenAI adoption roadmap, they must consider the value process intelligence can deliver if they want the technology to reach its full potential. Celonis Founder Alex Rinke sat down with Phil Fersht to talk about the value of partnerships with the likes of of LLaMA and Hugging Face, so it might get even easier to infuse process intelligence with your Generative AI plans.Read More

  • HFS is intrepid… apparently

    January 06, 2024 |

    Leading marketing strategy firm Antics has positioned HFS Research as "Intrepid" in a recent analysis of the leading tech analyst firms. Read More

  • The Truth might just help you win…

    December 25, 2023 |

    In 2024, I will push my team even harder to be brave and speak the truth in this world of bullish*t marketing, relentless hype, blatant lies, and swirl of nonsense.  We have more than doubled HFS since 2019, so there is one lesson to take away from this:  Truth sells!Read More

  • Be pragmatic, excited, and responsible: how to get GenAI done

    December 22, 2023 | ,

    Sandeep Dadlani, Executive VP and Chief Digital and Technology Officer at UnitedHealth Group (UHG), the world’s largest healthcare enterprise with diversified businesses, has a long and deep technology experience across multiple industries on both the supply and demand side. His early days at UHG coincided with the explosion of GenAI on the global stage and has been shaping some of the thinking and doing for him.In speaking with Sandeep, it is clear about the methodical and structured approach he is driving at UHG could define how healthcare leverages the latest technology miracle.Read More

  • Not even God can save DXC!

    December 21, 2023 | ,

    DXC Technology's latest play is to bring Raul Fernandez off the bench as the new interim chief and move on from a difficult four years under Mike Salvino, who's passing the torch. But when you look at the challenges facing this firm, you might just come to the conclusion that not even God can turn this one around.Let's not kid ourselves; this isn't your usual passing of the baton – it's more like handing off a ticking time bomb. The company's market value is literally running on fumes and barely a third of its revenue numbers. And that's not just a hiccup – it's a full-blown identity crisis.Read More

  • Nigel’s North Star approach is guiding the GenAI path

    December 20, 2023 | ,

    We sat down with Nigel Vaz, the visionary CEO of Publicis Sapient, to delve into the burgeoning world of generative AI (GenAI) and its profound implications for the business landscape and the broader world at large. Companies like Publicis Sapient are thoughtfully leading the GenAI charge by developing toolsets and talent, evolving their mindsets to embrace a culture of learning and unlearning, and being mindful of the risks and downsides so they can help their clients do the same. Read More

  • Can Cognizant shape the technology arbitrage era with Thirdera?

    December 14, 2023 | ,

    Cognizant made the most significant move in the ServieNow ecosystem to date by acquiring pureplay Thirdera, the largest independent consultancy that adds significant muscle in the US and also expands Cognizant's presence in Europe and APAC. Cognizant has a significant opportunity with Thirdera to differentiate its broad transformation capabilities, but must learn lessons from its previous Linium acquisition to preserve and build on Thirdera's unique culture.Read More

  • Services firms are out of runway. They must forget Labor Arbitrage and conform to Technology Arbitrage

    December 10, 2023 | ,

    The fundamental value creation lever in the legacy Labor Arbitrage era has been the centralization of people in a global delivery model. The fundamental value lever in the Technology Arbitrage era is all about architecting and orchestrating the rapidly changing technology ecosystem in line with the client’s business model. It’s past time for the IT and BPO Services industry to jump to a new S-curve driven by Technology Arbitrage if they wish to get back to another season of hockey stick growth.Read More