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Monthly Archives: August 2012

IBM’s Kenexa acquisition can take the talent conversation outside of the HR department


HfS believes IBM is likely to be eyeing a further acquisition in the talent management software space as Kenexa brings very strong Recruitment Process Outsourcing competency and IP in employee engagement and compensation, but was still developing out its cloud platform.

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Has HP bottled it?


After a terrible quarter, someone in HP has made the decision to run and hide – to cancel their September analyst event – an unprecedented action for a leading tech services provider to take


Some summer sourcing soundbites for your sensory satisfaction

Thanks for your support during another scintillating year at HfS. It’s all possible because of YOU. Now turn up the volume :)


Why does PwC want an Ant’s Eye View of the world?


There are all sorts of reasons to dismiss this acquisition – this is neither the first nor the last acquisition we’ll see by big companies attempting to acquire their way into the social business space – but we’re actually guardedly optimistic about this one.

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The rise of next-gen marketing outsourcing: digital media operations


Digital media marketing is in a state of constant change, and most organizations have yet to fully explore the growing potential.


Remember when you were excited to start your workday…


Life is too short to work at a boring company…

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When performance meets innovation…


When the full moon met the Olympic rings…


Give Infosys a break


Having petty stories, like this Infosys visa issue, being blown up in the media is only causing negative emotions and xenophobia to be stirred up needlessly in this year’s political melting-pot. We operate in a global business climate these days, in case anyone hasn’t noticed… it’s time to embrace and compete, not resist and fall further behind.