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Healthcare reform survives until November. Then what?


So we’re now one election away from the biggest outsourcing opportunity ever… the healthcare insurance industry trying to figure out how to move from a B2B to a B2C model. Quite simply, the insurance companies ain’t gonna figure out how to send a nuclear warhead into their service and IT operations… they’ll turn to the outsourcers to do it for them


Published today – a blueprint for the industry known as “outsourcing”

Finally....a Blueprint for this outsourcing business (click to access)

Ever wondered what would happen if you locked 41 outsourcing buyer executives in a room for a couple of days, then brought in six of the leading providers to have an afternoon’s discussion? Well, now you can read for yourself, as today we unveil our first Blueprint report for this curious industry known as “outsourcing”.

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Want to keep with the “outsourcing” status quo? Love staring at a spreadsheet all day? Then Blueprint 2.0’s not for you…


Life been just dandy since you took 30% off your department’s fixed costs, that you’ll never need to do anything much again in your career… except stare at a spreadsheet? Just love keeping those lights on and squeezing penalty payments of your provider? No need to improve anything, because the way your firm does this is just, simply, perfect?
Then you won’t need to waste time with us and leading buy-side organizations from the HfS 50 Executive Council in Boston this October…

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Why are so many enterprises struggling to move more process into their shared services and outsourcing?

Failure to Launch

On the surface, it appears that most enterprises today are taking full advantage of both shared services and outsourcing. However, HfS research’s latest survey data, conducted with accounting association ACCA, emphatically demonstrates that only a modest fraction of business process has actually been shifted to either the shared service center or the outsourcing partner. In most cases, over two-thirds of transactional process work is still, bewilderingly, sitting in the business units, despite the proven business benefits of centralizing processes.


And for you low performers who missed the high performance BPO discussion… here’s the replay


Missed today’s revved-up BPO discussion? How could you? What else were you doing?

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Sourcing advisory bounces back… with half of today’s F&A BPO deals being advised

"Mommy - do you have to go to work today?"

While the combination of increasing commodization of basic BPO services and an ever-smartening buyer, seemed to signal the end of transactional advisory services, the consulting industry has found a way to adapt to keep itself relevant and much more price-friendly, while still being in a strong position to help clients deal with the sensitive and political task of outsourcing.


Pragmatic Pete to pontificate a panoply of personnel policy

Peter Ackerson- HfS

Here’s Pete Ackerson introducing himself as the newest HfS Research Fellow for HR Shared Services and Outsourcing

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Building a BPO sales team in today’s market – a waste of time?

You know we'll deliver everything in those 80 slides...

Seems to me everyone is out there desperately looking for sales superstars. Do they exist? Is it worth the time and effort to find them, only to be disappointed at least half the time?


Are you ready to Turbo-charge your BPO?

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Here’s a rare chance to learn how some organizations have evolved their BPO relationships from being merely “operationally efficient” through to being genuinely “transformative”. Please join us June 20th Wed, June 20 at 16:00 CET | 15:00 BST | 10:00 EDT | 07:00 PDT | 22:00 SGT for a discussion on how to add some serious velocity to the BPO experience.

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HfS Research announces its inaugural research advisory board!

HfS launches its inaugural advisor board (click for bios)

HfS invited a great group of people to form its research advisory board to help shape the HfS research agenda: some have have real experience executing operations in buy-side enterprises; some are the most influential thought leaders in the business services and technology industry; some have founded research companies; some are leading academics; some are industry events CEOs.

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