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And then there were six… meet the sourcing savants on the seventeenth


ver wondered what would happen if you brought the six most prominent IT and business services savants together for a one-hour debate on the future of the sourcing and services world? Well, wonder no more as this becomes a reality on 17th May at 12pm EST, 5pm GMT

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Infosys is officially processing in America to give y’all some BPO

The traditional Indian ceremony of "lighting the lamp" is conducted by India's Consul General Ajit Kumar (center), overseen by Infosys BPO's COO Ritesh Idnani (right)

We’ve been blessed today to be present at the official unveiling of InfosysBPO’s first onshore US facility in Atlanta, primed to grow from an initial 200 seats to 1000 in the coming months

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“The best sourcing discussion that’s ever taken place. Period”


This was the ringing endorsement that came out of this week’s “HfS 50 Sourcing Executive Council Blue Print Sessions” in New York City. Two days, 40 buyers representing $5bn of outsourcing spend, together for a whole day and a half, then greeted by six providers to engage in one of the most revealing, pure and pivotal discussions ever on where the sourcing and services industry is headed.

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Providers: Stop giving Deb Kops a headache and sort out your websites

Deborah Kops, HfS Research Fellow

It bollixes me that the best thing to hit outsourcing marketing since offshore locations is the advent of the website — inexpensive, flexible, interactive, data-rich, with worldwide reach, and offering the potential for clear differentiation. Yet why are outsourcing providers’ websites such an abysmal lot when, for many, they are buyers’ first introduction to a provider?


Why did iGATE erase the Patni name?

Brian Robinson is Research Director, HfS Research (click for bio)

While you can understand Xerox preferring their more famous and recognized brand to ACS, and the procurement guys simply wanted to sounder sexier, it’s curious why iGate would drop the famous Patni brand barely a year after its merger


Poole’s Patter, Part III: Why do so many companies get SO hung up on technology decisions?

David Poole somewhere en route back to the UK

I’ve never understood why so many companies get SO hung up on technology decisions and so bought into spending huge sums of money paying consultants to reinvent the same wheel over and over again


Missed the recent Procurement BPO slug-fest?


Missed last week’s down-and-dirty Procurement BPO slug-fest between LA’s Tony “Turbo-Charged” Filippone and Long Island’s Bill “Bomber” Humber? Don’t sweat it, as here’s the replay of these two Industry heavy weights

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Four reasons why HfS is busting up the traditional analyst model

HfS Research is disrupting the traditional analyst model

At HfS, we’re breaking the traditional mould of the “industry analyst firm” by doing four “disruptive” things


April truths about outsourcing: Finance leaders are looking to providers’ capabilities more than ever, but are they really prepared to change?

who came first?

Service providers are in pole position to provide the value clients need, however, there needs to be some give-and-take on both sides to move beyond mere “augmentation”


Flashback kicks the myth of Apple invincibility squarely in the jewels

Because that's where the money is...


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Finally… a new acronym for BPO!


Finally… a new acronym for BPO!


Merriam-Webster to remove the term Outsourcing for IT and Business Services


Pressure from buyers to create more accurate terminology for what we commonly, but incorrectly, term as “outsourcing” for IT and business processes has spurred dictionary publisher, Merriam-Webster, to remove the term in their next edition