Infosys is officially processing in America to give y’all some BPO


We’ve been blessed today to be present at the official unveiling of InfosysBPO’s first onshore US facility in Atlanta, primed to grow from an initial 200 seats to 1000 in the coming months. Initial clients to be serviced here largely comprise a mix of insurance and healthcare processes, however, Infosys is also keen to move horizontal services into the center as it expands.  We see this as a further milestone in the global BPO industry as service providers are expanding their US service delivery capabtility to cater for client processes which benefit significantly from onshore talent.  As we see increasing numbers of industry specific processes being sourced, we fully expect further expansion of onshore centers.  Yes, the US is fast-becoming a hot location for BPO services – who’d a thunk it?

The traditional Indian ceremony of "lighting the lamp" is conducted by India's Consul General Ajit Kumar (center), overseen by Infosys BPO's COO Ritesh Idnani (right)

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  1. Congrats to InfosysBPO for their first facility in the US! It’s great to see that jobs are being created.

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