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The undisputed facts about outsourcing, Part 8: Industries experiencing secular change have more aggressive outsourcing plans

Those organizations being impacted by radical, fundamental shifts to their very industry economics, are more prepared than ever to admit they need to look outside of their current organization boundaries to keep their business operations cost-competitive. Simply-put, secular change crystallizes options for businesses and the outsourcing planning process often becomes more clear-cut as a result.


Get sourcing in Sydney this September

HfS Research’s Phil Hassey will be welcoming Dawn Evans, President and CEO of our partner SIG, to Sydney in early September for a terrific event—SIG’s Sydney Regional Roundtable on September 7 and 8

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Will a Double-Dip Recession reverse the trend of buyers “delaying outsourcing” during a slump? Here are 10 factors to consider…

Organizations have always been wary of outsourcing during recessions. While today it delivers cost-reduction to clients in spades (proven emphatically during our recent state-of-outsourcing study), many organizations have proven, in the past, to push it down the priority-list of radical cost-reduction measures, when they fear for their very existence. However, with the threat of a “Double-Dip” recession very much a grim reality, HfS believes this cycle is likely to be broken.


HP: did it just rip off its Band-Aid?

Today marks a jolting and sobering inflection point to a global mega-business that was in serious danger of developing multiple-personality disorder. However, in one full swoop, Léo’s sent his firm on a path where we can actually understand what HP’s game-plan is all about


A little summery “thank you” to all of you

Tune in, crank up the volume, or pop in your headphones in if you’re in the office. A few summer memories from the HfS team, as we go sit on a beach for a couple of weeks… we really do appreciate all your support. You’ve been part of one heck of a journey (so far)…

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Is the outsourcing industry really still that clueless about cultural issues? Or high time to change that record…

In Brandi Moore’s “painful” interpretation of the joint research we did with Softek about Latin America as a sourcing destination, she manages to disparage an entire industry, ignore the facts, offer tired examples as brilliant self-aggrandizement, and demonstrate a poor understanding of her supposed field of expertise (culture). We often take a tongue-in-cheek approach to our coverage here, but we take the accuracy of our research and reporting very seriously.


Be warned – there’s a complete end-end HRO schmooze-fest coming… to Atlanta!

The HR Outsourcing Association burns white-hot as it integrates the HRO buyers’ group and the RPO Alliance into one star-studded, fully integrated cornucopia of HRO

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The healthcare payor BPO situation in 2011: Will Reform shatter a complacent industry?

Despite the value health care payors provide their customers, payors’ processes are complex, manually intensive, and prone to error. One consumer’s visit to the hospital generates substantial legal paperwork, complex approval processes, coordination of benefits with other insurers, and a blizzard of bills, notices, and follow-up calls that require months to resolve. This post elaborates on the new HfS Research report on the current state of healthcare payor Business Process Outsourcing.

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Not the Usual Suspects: HfS names its 2011 Offshore Challengers

HfS Research announces its 2011 Offshore Challengers: EXL Service, UST Global, MindTree, Hinduja Global Solutions, Hexaware, Intelenet Global Services, and L&T Infotech

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Meet The Don of BPO (Part 2)

Welcome to Part 2 of the Don Schulman interview, where he talks to us about whether shared services are really dying, the changing role of advisors, and where he sees the BPO industry moving in the future, and what he means by “verticalizing the horizontal”.

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