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SAHP? Stranger things have happened

With Leo Apotheker taking the helm at HP, all sorts of questions arise as to why they hired a software guy, who wasn’t exactly a wild success when he was top dog at SAP. Leo is the man you’d want if you are planning to acquire SAP. He knows the company inside and out and is savvy enough to work out some sort of game plan to integrate the German giant into the HP empire.


The expression barrier in outsourcing: say what you mean!

The expression barrier shows up in every relationship almost every day—and it is actually fairly easy to diagnose. An outsider will typically see it within minutes of observation. The cure, however, is elusive. If we could solve it, we could make a world of difference in this industry.


Outsourcing marriage counselling… with Liz Campbell Evans

If your outsourcing relationship is on the rocks, one person who can provide some tried-and-trusted therapy is EquaTerra’s Liz Campbell Evans


New HfS Market Landscape: Is insurance BPO ready to grow up?

The global insurance industry faces a challenging and unprecedented market environment; insurance premiums are falling, and insurance firms’ profitability is nowhere near the pre-recession era. Added to this, insurers in the US and Europe need to battle several regulatory and compliance requirements in the next few years. HfS Research’s new market landscape report entitled “Is Global Insurance BPO ready to grow up?” discusses these issues at length.


Cog and Gen getting it on? Naaaahhhhh

Lots of frantic noise this week that Cog has been making romantic overtones to Genpact – with India’s press jumping on speculation. Like any other industry observer, you can certainly see lots of romantic potential here – Wall Street’s darlings of BPO and ADM tying the knot to frighten the life out of Accenture, IBM, Infosys et al. HoweverI’m afraid this one just ain’t gonna happen anytime soon


Sal-sourcing in the real world, Part I

Mike Salvino – or simply “Sal” to his friends and colleagues, has brought a real air or pragmatism to Accenture, where he now leads the firm’s global BPO business. Read Part I of his interview with Horses for Sources.


Horses for Sources and the London School of Economics Launch Groundbreaking Study into Cloud Business Services

Horses for Sources and the London School of Economics Launch Groundbreaking Study into Cloud Business Services


Smart governance will avoid blow-ups

Ensure you have the right leadership to avoid potential disasters with your global sourcing strategy

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Esteban Herrera: why I joined the Horses

Esteban Herrera, Research VP for HfS’ buy-side enterprise sourcing practice, explains why he joined the “Horses”


Renowned outsourcing advisor Esteban Herrera joins HfS as Research Vice President

Esteban Herrera joins HfS’ executive management team as Research Vice President for the firm’s strategic sourcing practice for buy-side enterprises. Herrera will drive a definitive research agenda that encompasses strategic advice, best practices and governance support across all aspects of IT outsourcing, BPO and shared services.


Star analyst Euan Davis joins the HfS analyst stable

Six months to the day we launched a research organization, we’re delighted to announce the first of several really exciting hires for our analyst team.


Finding a needle in 20 million haystacks: CERN’s Computing Grid creates a vision for Cloud Business Services

In order to understand the business potential of Cloud-esque environments to drive innovation, you could do a lot worse than have a look at the scientists who’ve been using their own version of Cloud for years: Grid Computing. When you get into areas such as particle physics, these folks need all the computing grunt and pooled brain-power they can muster to succeed.